Return Policy

Return policy

 1. Product return:

Content: Return old product due to wrong size

– Conditions apply: Wrong order size due to wrong size packing by LefoBox staff.

– Term: LefoBox customers have the right to request an exchange or return within 7 days since receiving the goods due to the error “wrong order size”

– Note: In the condition that the customer orders the wrong size and LefoBox delivers the wrong item, LefoBox will bear the 100% fee to return the goods to the customer.

(LefoBox reserves the right to refuse exchange to the Customer if the product is damaged for any reason)

LefoBox customers have the right to request a return or exchange within 07 ngày since receipt of goods. When you want to return the goods, please follow the steps below:

2. Check the conditions of return and exchange

Please make sure that the product you request for exchange (return) meets LefoBox's return and exchange conditions at Goods return policy. Some mandatory conditions:

  • Product is intact and undamaged.
  • No more than 7 days from the date of receipt of the goods,
  • No signs of being used.

Contact LefoBox call center to support "Register for product return and exchange"

*Please send the goods to the nearest post office.

3. Complaint settlement support process

LefoBox is responsible for receiving complaints and supporting buyers related to transactions at LefoBox website.

LefoBox respects and strictly implements the provisions of the law on protecting the interests of buyers (consumers).

The buyer will have to take a responsible role in actively resolving the issue.

If through an agreement, it is still not possible to resolve the conflict arising from the transaction between the two parties, LefoBox, one of the two parties, the buyer and LefoBox will have the right to ask a competent legal authority to intervene. to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties, especially for customers.

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