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Customers can store, store, store documents and other goods at Le Phong Moving warehouse.

Save time and manpower

Enterprises will reduce manpower to inventory, preserve and protect goods. All goods are neatly arranged and ready quickly for business needs.

Well located

Le Phong Moving has a warehouse system located in many locations, and they help businesses conveniently store and distribute goods.

Warehouse for rent

Cost savings

Enterprises do not need to pay personnel in charge of warehouse work, not the safety of goods. All have warehouse rental service of Le Phong Moving with support from A - Z.

High security

Warehouse system is equipped with shelves, modern alarm and fire fighting system, 24/24 surveillance camera, .. goods of customers are always preserved in the best and safest conditions.


Document storage system
Barcode scanning software

Barcode scanning software

Fire protection system

2 wheel stroller

Security camera system

Security camera system

Statistical warehouse system

Forklift truck



If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


In order to save storage costs, many companies and businesses often choose to hire external storage as the best alternative. However, not everyone understands the issue of renting this warehouse as well as how to choose a reputable warehouse rental unit. The following article will help you clarify the question warehouse rental service package What is the best place to rent a warehouse?


There are many types of warehouse rental services on the market today. In particular, depending on the specific nature of each type of service, goods and documents of customers will be preserved and stored differently. Specifically:

– Rental service of archives for documents, records, and corporate documents: Documents are properly classified, scientifically arranged to save space and optimize costs. At the same time, the company's records and documents will also be stored safely and confidentially in accordance with the agreement between the storage leasing company and the customer, ensuring the fulfillment of requests for extracting company records and documents. accurately and quickly.

Warehouse rental service to store goods: Goods are guaranteed to be safe in a cool environment, with security cameras and 24/24 security, the warehouse is certified with national fire protection standards.

– Cool storage rental service: Cool storage is often chosen to store typical items such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, functional foods, etc. When choosing to rent these types of cool storage, the warehouse will always be ensure a stable temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius to create the most ideal and favorable environment for storage.

– Self-managed warehouse rental service: In this case, individual customers and businesses have full rights to use the warehouse, thereby easily arranging, managing and moving goods proactively. with the support of the lessor.

– E-commerce warehouse rental service: The warehouse rental service provider will help customers in tasks such as order management, sales invoices, packaging, delivery and collection of money on behalf of customers. , send a summary to customers... From there, customers can save costs in renting warehouses, hiring staff and managing warehouses.

Le Phong MOVING – THE LEADING FURNITURE Leasing Service Provider in Ho Chi Minh City

Le Phong Moving is currently one of the leading units in the market today in terms of supply warehouse rental service package. With many years of experience in the field of warehouse leasing, and the investment in a modern and large-scale warehouse system, Le Phong has been and is the preferred choice of many individual and business customers when they need to rent a warehouse. repository.

Specifically, when choosing to use the storage rental service at Le Phong Moving, customers will be completely satisfied by the following outstanding advantages:

– Large warehouse system with all necessary equipment, meeting domestic and international storage standards. At the same time, warehouses for rent are located at convenient locations for transporting goods.

– High quality fire protection system is checked periodically.

- 24/7 security guard with modern security camera system.

– The import and export of the warehouse is managed by a barcode scanner, ensuring absolute safety and security for all kinds of goods during the storage process.

- Reasonable cost with many attractive incentives.

– Dedicated and quality trucking system for loading and unloading

– Flexible short-term and long-term rental periods depending on the agreement.

- Support wholeheartedly during the warehouse leasing process.

Customers need to find a supplier Prestigious package warehouse rental service With the best service packages at the best prices, don't hesitate to visit our company's website or contact us immediately for advice, quotes and full support. love.

Own cheap warehouse rental service of Le Phong Moving ensures quality, efficiency and prestige when serving. In addition, customers can rest assured when using Warehouse rental service, cheap storage, We are always proud to be the trusted leading service brand at the moment.​ Along with meeting the needs of customers, the best taxi service brings a new service model, currently rental. cheap warehouse, in order to save maximum costs for customers. Own the model cheap warehouse rental service of Taxi Loading is a combination of the following factors:

  • Various warehouse rental areas: Le Phong Moving's cheap warehouse rental service gives customers a variety of choices. Customers can rent a shared storage space from 5m3 or from 7m2 above. For self-managed warehouses, customers can rent an area from 100m2 above.
  • The cheapest competitive price in the market: We offer our customers cheaper warehouse rental rates 40% compared to the current market average. Helping businesses that need to rent warehouses to save costs to overcome difficulties during the Covid epidemic season.
  • Utility services: Le Phong Moving provides a package service combining transportation and cheap warehouse rental. Customers' goods will be transported to the warehouse by suitable trucks, experienced transport staff. Customers will be able to store goods in a cool and clean warehouse space.

The procedure for you to store your belongings at Le Phong Moving is very simple and easy! Give us a call or fill out our contact form at our website. If the size of storage unit you want is available, come visit our facility, bring your passport or ID card and your goods, belongings to our facility, the unit Our hosting is available and always ready to serve you.

Yes, absolutely possible! In fact, the majority of customers of Le Phong Moving are individual customers. We all have personal items that we don't use often but don't want to throw them away, but want to be kept safe somewhere. Self-storage Service Mini Warehouse Ours is a perfect choice for these cases.

You may not buy but we always recommend our clients to buy hedging for their assets. So that when there is a problem with the goods, you can be compensated for loss and damage to the property at any time during storage at our warehouse. The sum insured must be equal to or greater than the total value of the goods.

The following items will not be allowed to be stored in our warehouse:

  • Humans, animals,
  • Tires, flammable or hazardous materials, weapons, ammunition, stolen goods,
  • Food, live plants, drugs or other illegal items and/or substances.

Please read our Blog post for a complete list of what you can store in mini self-managed warehouse yours!.

Most customers pay 1-2 months in advance. If you wish to terminate your warehouse lease before it is due, you will forfeit any unused prepaid rent and will have to pay the full amount of the lease that you have not paid.

(MIN 7M2)
90.00VND/month140,000 VND/month - The warehouse is cool and dry
– Security, security camera 24/24
- Treating insects and termites
– Forklifts support two-way loading and unloading of goods
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