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New model 3.5 ton truck rental service with Japan LPM . standard


Need 3.5 ton truck rental The market in Vietnam is growing strongly in recent years, especially in urban areas and big cities like Ho Chi Minh City. They have the advantage of being able to circulate in every small alley in the inner city and can also be transported on long routes. DRAWTherefore, truck 3.5 is considered the most commonly used vehicle in the transport market today.

1. High performance carrying capacity of 3.5 ton truck.

The 3.5 ton truck has many advantages and uses that bring many benefits in the transportation of goods and items. With a moderate tonnage, businesses can rest assured that they can transport goods for convenient circulation in all central areas. Besides, the line of trucks. This 3.5 ton shipping has many models code, some are equipped with tarpaulin boxes, meeting the needs of transporting bulky goods. This advantage creates more convenience than refrigerated trucks, closed containers are limited in height of goods.

Therefore, 3.5 ton truck rental Not only used in transporting goods, but this service is also used for the needs of moving houses and moving goods.

High performance carrying capacity of 3.5 ton truck

High performance carrying capacity of 3.5 ton truck

2. Popular rental 3.5 ton trucks on the market today

Corresponding to each use need, the amount of goods is more or less, businesses can refer to the popular 3.5-ton trucks on the market today.

Here are some popular models of 3.5 ton trucks in transporting furniture and goods:

  • 3.5 ton mezzanine truck: Features an open top, no roof, high ventilation. Customers can use transportation of bulky goods. Specifically, such as iron, aluminum, building materials, moving furniture, etc.
  • 3.5 ton sealed insulated truck: This type of truck is designed in a closed box style, with a door behind. Almost like container design. This model can be equipped with a cooler for transporting fresh, frozen items. The main advantage of a closed container is that it can limit the adverse effects of the weather.
  • 3.5 ton tarpaulin truck: This is a special vehicle with a combination of the two above. Just cool but still ensure good coverage. This car has the special feature of being able to raise the hood. Easier to transport bulk goods. Customers can rent a tarpaulin truck to transport consumer goods such as fabrics, dry food, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Popular 3.5 ton trucks for rent on the market today

Popular 3.5 ton trucks for rent on the market today

Each vehicle has its own weight rating. With the advantages that create different transport efficiency. Businesses can refer and 3.5 ton truck rental according to your needs in the most suitable and economical way.

3. The importance of choosing a reputable truck service provider.

With today's complex and diverse market. We can take risks when choosing a car rental place without careful consideration. Cooperate with newly established units, not yet professional. It can cause problems for businesses such as:

  • Unprofessional working unit. There will be many delays that affect the progress of the work.
  • The unit has no experience in terms of law and documents. Just like the receipt is not clear, easy to lose.
  • The unit does not have a compensation policy when an incident occurs.
  • The cost is cheap but there are many other extra costs.

If the business has many doubts and concerns about rent truck taxi how to fit, save? Connect with a reputable and professional transport company LPM! Team of experts LPM will assist you with the best solutions.

The importance of choosing a reputable truck service provider

The importance of choosing a reputable truck service provider

4. Rent a 3.5 ton truck at LPM – a new car with Japan standard professional process

LPM – A reputable and professional transport unit with products and services according to Japan standards. LPM has continuously risen up and raised the service level after more than 10 years of operation.

We understand the concerns and values that customers need most. And LPM brought a new modern process from Japan to each service, including 3.5 ton truck rental.

LPM brings a version of 3.5 ton truck service with more outstanding advantages, helping to improve the operational efficiency of the business even more:

  • Diverse vehicle models, many types of tonnage for businesses to choose.
  • New trucks, periodically checked and maintained after each trip.
  • Delivery on time, on time, to the place. Do not let customers wait, affecting the operation progress.
  • Serving all kinds of transport goods from agricultural products, food, consumer goods, electronics, ...
  • Provide full legal documents, receipts of goods, ensure the interests of partners.
  • There is a policy of compensation for damage if there is a problem during transportation.
  • The process of receiving information is quick and uncomplicated.
  • A team of experienced professionals, supporting partners with the most reasonable and economical solutions.
  • Service prices are clear, no drawings, no additional fees.
  • Extensive warehouse system, quick and timely support nationwide. 

Use the service 3.5 ton truck rental in LPM, partners will surely be satisfied with the professional working ability of our team. LPM ready to bring the best value to the business. Let LPM together with you, contact us now to receive many incentives!


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