lorry rental service of Le Phong MOVING

Selection truck rental service At Le Phong Moving you will receive a lot of benefits.

Save time

Fast - Safe - Punctual: Trucks arrive on time according to the contract. Fast shipping and absolute property preservation, ensuring the interests of all customers.

Energy savings

Customers only need to observe and the entire Le Phong Moving transportation will be done from AZ.

Cost savings

The price of car rental services is super economical. There is an extremely attractive discount and incentive policy for customers who sign a long-term truck rental contract

Ensure safety

Cargo vehicles have anti-slip floors, the most modern suspension system. Ensure the safety of all types of customer goods.

Le Phong MOVING's lorry system for hire

  • Cargo truck rental by tonnage: Truck 750kg, 1.5 Ton, 2 Ton, 5 Ton, 10 Ton….
  • Car rental specialized cargo with many features: Trucks with closed containers. Silver-top truck (carrying oversized items). The truck has a lifting table (supports lifting goods and heavy furniture).
  • Truck rental according to the size of the box: 2 meter long barrel, 4.5 meter long barrel, 6 meter long barrel, 9.5 meter long barrel, ...
Truck rental 500 kg

Truck 500 Kg

Truck rental 1 ton 4

Truck 1 ton 4

2 ton truck for rent

2 ton truck

Truck rental with lifting

Trucks with lifting and lowering


If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Truck rental is a service that can hire a company truck to transport your own belongings that you need to move to a new location. The service will help you move your furniture quickly, the cost is also reasonable. The special thing is that the truck rental service can help you carry a lot of things at the same time, making you not have to rent many different vehicles, leading to lost belongings.

Truck rental is a mode of transportation that is being particularly interested by many shippers, individuals and businesses. The advantage of this form of transport is that it can help solve all transportation problems easily, saving costs, time and effort.

Normally, the truck rental service will include packing, porting, and moving services when required by customers. Depending on the supplier, there will be a detailed price list or through exchange and agreement with customers to get the most suitable price.

Some popular truck rental services

Rent a truck to carry goods on a trip: If before, when there was a need to carry goods, you often had to manage by motorbike, which was extremely tiring. Now, with the development of the market economy, you can easily rent a tricycle or rent a small van. However, this case is more or less risky because the goods are perishable and the carrying price is "unlimited".

If you do your research, you will find that many large-scale transportation companies offer a variety of truck rental services. Therefore, the heavy work of transporting goods previously had a truck rental service for you to perform quickly and safely. Just contact the request, the truck rental service will immediately be there to transport your goods to the desired location. The rental price will be clearly calculated based on the number of kilometers traveled according to the available fixed rate table, so you can rest assured.

Long-term or monthly truck rental: This service is suitable for businesses and shops that often have to deliver goods in large volumes. Instead of having to spend a huge amount of money buying a car, hiring a driver and having complicated car maintenance, customers just need to sign a long-term car rental contract by month, quarter or year. Your goods will always be safe and delivered on time at a reasonable price.

Most truck rental service providers have their own discounts for long-term car rental customers. Therefore, you will receive preferential prices, helping to save costs to invest in other business activities.

Renting trucks for transporting goods within the city or inter-provincial: As the economy develops, the demand for goods trade between localities also becomes higher with a variety of items. The travel distance can sometimes be up to several tens or even hundreds of kilometers.

Meanwhile, transporting goods by plane is too expensive, traveling by motorbike or train carries too many risks, easy to damage and lose goods.

Therefore, besides receiving goods within the city, most of the major shipping companies now provide intercity freight services. With a reasonable price, you will always be in control of your goods and enjoy insurance policies from a reputable truck rental service provider.

Moving house, office, warehouse: Truck rental service will transport your furniture and assets from the old location to the new location on request and charge through the travel distance.

Usually, these companies will include a package moving service, a package office move, a warehouse rental and a warehouse relocation.

That is, all stages of dismantling, packing, transporting, assembling furniture and machines are done by the company's employees from start to finish. You will save a lot of time and effort.

Currently, the transportation and rental truck market is extremely active, becoming an "effective assistant" to help people and businesses solve transportation problems, large and small. . You just need to choose a reputable and professional service provider in the market.

Super cheap truck rental rates.

  • Discount policy and extremely attractive incentives for customers signing long-term truck rental contracts.
  • Super cheap truck freight rates, with the opening price only from 350,000 VND. Your goods have been transported in the safest way.

Fast – On time.

  • Le Phong Moving owns a network of trucks located throughout all districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Just pick up the phone and call. We will be at your doorstep without having to wait too long.
  • Drivers have many years of experience, familiar with all transportation routes.
  • Update information quickly and continuously in real time, positioning by GPS.

Safe for goods.

  • Customers use cargo vehicles with anti-slip floors, the most modern suspension system.
  • Ensure the safety of all types of goods. of cutomer.

All trucks of Le Phong Moving are equipped with GPS global positioning system, so you can track your journey with your smartphone.

For Cargo truck rental service in particular and other services such as: moving office, moving house, etc. Our driver is only responsible for driving, ensuring your goods and belongings are safe, on time and at the right location. point. In the case of light and small goods, the driver will assist the customer in loading and unloading

If you need an assistant from our company, we will hire a porter to assist you in packing, transporting and disassembling.

In order to meet the needs of customers, Le Phong Moving accepts most types of goods except those such as cattle, glass mirrors, etc. But especially the company only carries goods with clear documents. , has origin. Do not carry goods contrary to the provisions of Vietnamese law.

When You Use Cargo truck rental service in HCMC inclusive of tolls and tolls but excluding porter and porter fees and VAT.

When you rent a truck with a porter, in addition to factors such as distance, volume of goods, type of vehicle, it also depends on transportation conditions:
  • Does the place of departure and arrival have a floor? (if there is any floor, shipping is difficult)
  • Can the truck drop off and drop off be parked in front of the house? (if not, how far should you park).

1. Cheap truck rental service

We offer freight packages to our customers at competitive rates in the shipping market. The cost of renting a truck is published by us directly on the website. To ensure transparency and clarity. Absolutely no shipping costs.

2. Truck rental service by month contract

With the requirements to find cargo trucks of businesses are increasing day by day. Le Phong Moving currently leases cargo trucks with monthly, quarterly and yearly contracts of customers. It's a very convenient service for businesses because they don't have to spend money to buy trucks, don't have to hire drivers and don't have to worry about vehicle management and maintenance, depreciation, fuel costs, etc. … but still ensure the delivery of goods to partners on time through the truck rental service that we provide.

3. Cargo truck rental service in Saigon to other provinces

In addition to providing truck rental services. Our unit also receives goods to other provinces such as: transporting goods from Saigon to Hanoi, Da Nang, Hue ... along with 13 Western provinces, Southeast provinces, Central Highlands ... and afternoon their opposite.

4. Truck service to move house, move office

Le Phong Moving unit always focuses on providing customers with the most convenient transportation solutions for customers. Therefore, in addition to providing a package moving service for customers. We also rent trucks to move houses based on the amount of furniture to be moved and the route you provide to the unit.

You are always assured of the quality of our cargo trucks:

  • Vehicle quality: All rental trucks belong to a new fleet of vehicles with good operation.
  • Procedures for renting a truck: simplify truck rental procedures. The car rental process is done quickly while ensuring the full benefits of customers.
  • Truck rental price: Cheapest in Ho Chi Minh City market.
  • Number of vehicles: we have many types of vehicles with different tonnage. Satisfy all your needs for car rental such as: 750kg truck, 1.4 ton truck, 1.9 ton truck….
  • Price of trucks traveling under 50km

Range of vehicleVehicle Size10km First11 – 50kmWaiting time
1.2 tons3m x 1.6m x 1.6m450,000 VND20,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
1.4 tons3.4mx 1.65mx 1.6m480,000 VND25,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
2.3 tons3.5mx 1.7mx 1.7mVND 520,00030,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
1.9 tons4.38mx 1.85mx 1.8m550,000 VNDVND 35,000150,000 VND/hour
2.5 tons4.5mx 2m x 2mVND 600,00040,000 VND150,000 VND/hour
2 tons6.2mx 2m x 2m800,000 VNDVND 50,000200,000 VND/hour
  • Price of trucks traveling over 50km

Range of vehicleVehicle Size51-100km> 100kmWaiting timeSave the night
1.2 tons3m x 1.6m x 1.6m11,000 VND9,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
1.4 tons3.4mx 1.65mx 1.6mVND 12,00010,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
2.3 tons3.5mx 1.7mx 1.7m13,000 VND11,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
1.9 tons4.38mx 1.85mx 1.8m14,000 VNDVND 12,000150,000 VND/hour300,000 VND
2.5 tons4.5mx 2m x 2mVND 15,00013,000 VND150,000 VND/hour300,000 VND
2 tons6.2mx 2m x 2m25,000 VND20,000 VND200,000 VND/hour500,000 VND
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