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Moving warehouses, factories Le Phong Moving is chosen by a large number of customers. With more than 10 years of working experience, a team of highly skilled staff, and modern supporting machines, Le Phong Moving will help you move warehouses and factories quickly and professionally.

To help you choose and use for yourself a quality warehouse transportation service, with the cheapest warehouse moving service fee. Warehouse moving service is provided at Le Phong Moving with many utilities that the service brings to help every business and family move faster, more professionally and ensure absolute safety for all goods. goods and property in transit. Le Phong Moving will replace you to do the following tasks:

  • Disassemble and transport furniture and furniture to a new place.
  • Disassemble, move and install machinery from the old place to the new place.
  • Disassemble, move and install warehouse shelves for goods to arrive at new places.
  • Handling electrical and water systems, refrigeration, air conditioners, floors, walls.
  • Disassemble and reinstall the fire protection system.
  • Collect and transport construction waste to another place.
  • Clean floors, clean floor tiles.

Benefits of using the service

Choosing warehouse and factory moving services at Le Phong Moving will bring you many practical benefits such as:

  • Always meet a full range of vehicles providing warehouse moving services.
  • Prestige, quality, absolute safety for property goods.
  • Make sure the goods arrive in the fastest and best way.
  • Cargo trucks are always cared for, maintained, and of various sizes.
  • Say no to damaged or broken goods while in transit.
  • The staff is fast, enthusiastic and honest.
  • Absolutely no costs when shipping, even when generating items.
  • Vehicles equipped with GPS navigation system so customers can know the route of travel.
  • Warehouse and goods transfer rates are suitable for all customers.

Commitment to customers

Cheap warehouse and factory transportation service in Ho Chi Minh City of Le Phong Moving commits to:

  • Refund 100% contract if customer is not satisfied with service quality.
  • Compensation 100% of property value if damage or loss of customer's goods occurs.
  • Free support for loading and unloading on the vehicle by a team of drivers and assistants.
  • Say no to the costs incurred when using the service, even when adding items.
  • Compensate 5 times the value of objects and goods if the customer's items are lost.

Safe and professional service

With a constant effort to bring professional and quality warehouse moving services in Ho Chi Minh City, Le Phong Moving Company provides cheap warehouse moving services with the most professional service quality in Ho Chi Minh City.

When using the cheap warehouse moving service at Le Phong Moving, you not only ensure fast and safe transportation time for goods and assets when moving, but we also guarantee your rights. when using the warehouse moving service with the specific commitments mentioned in this article.


This is a picture of the working activities of Le Phong Moving staff during the implementation of projects to return office space to client partner companies.


If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Moving a warehouse or workshop is the disassembly and transportation of furniture from the warehouse or workshop in this place to a new place. This job needs to meet factors such as returning the original warehouse, old factory, transporting goods safely and reinstalling the machinery system as well as related problems in the warehouse. new factory.

Compared to moving offices and companies, moving warehouses and factories requires a lot of different work and stages, if not, this is a "headache problem" for many businesses.

Le Phong Moving's warehouse moving survey is completely free, even if you don't use our package moving service!

Of course it's okay. If you have enough time and you have a helper available, you can pack your own belongings and just hire a truck to transport the warehouse to save money.

You can transfer or pay directly to the loading and unloading captain after the warehouse is shipped.

The time to move the warehouse will depend on the quantity of furniture and machinery of each company, usually Le Phong Moving works in 1 day for small warehouses and many days if moving large warehouses or depending on the transfer time. customer intention.

We will arrange the right people to move the warehouse as quickly as possible without affecting your business.

If you use warehouse moving service package tphcm then Le Phong Taxi provides a full range of free accessories and supplies without having to charge any additional service fees.

Le Phong is factory transport unit Experienced in:

  • Dismantling and transporting prefabricated houses.
  • Install a fire protection system.
  • Dismantle, relocate and install warehouse shelves.
  • Treatment of electricity, water and refrigeration systems.
  • Relocating and installing heavy machinery (CNC machines, industrial machines, cutting machines, generators,...).
  • Dismantling, moving, moving and installing machinery transfer lines (industries).
  • Dismantle and relocate industrial air conditioners.

1. Survey:

Implement and receive information that customers need Relocating enterprise factories. Le Phong Moving will send staff directly to survey the 2 places of departure and destination of the project that need to be relocated, statistics and measurement of the items, machinery and equipment that need to be transported to come up with the most reasonable construction plan. for customers.

2. Make a construction plan:

After surveying the terrain, and making statistics on the number of items, machinery and equipment needed factory transportation. Le Phong will carry out the construction plan to transport the factory:

  • Means used in moving factories
  • Estimated time of relocation.
  • Specialized tools needed to assist in the relocation of machinery, equipment, etc.
  • Number of employees.

3. Quotation and contract signing:

And from the construction plan, we will quote the most economical relocation price for customers using the service. Next, if both parties agree on the price and the agreement, then proceed to sign the contract of transportation and factory relocation immediately.

4. Make a detailed plan:

And before proceeding to the shipping and warehouse relocation your. Le Phong Moving will discuss with the customer to come up with a detailed plan of the work to be done during the relocation of the factory. This will help the relocation process be more scientific as well as avoid affecting the working line of customers using the service.

5. Implementation:

Le Phong Moving based on a detailed plan, we will assign workers, forklift trucks, cargo cranes, and necessary supporting tools to carry out the work. factory relocation your. Possessing a team of skilled staff and modern equipment, we will complete all the relocation work that the customer requires in the signed contract.

6. Appraisal, inspection and handover

After completing all the work in the signed contract. Then both parties will jointly appraise and re-check all transported items, machinery and equipment. And all is well and there is no problem, the relocation process is considered officially completed.

7. Payment and contract liquidation

When the customer pays the costs in the contract and liquidates the signed contract.

8. Care – Get customer opinions

After our staff will call back customer care when using. In addition, as well as support to answer questions customers may encounter after the shipping process, Relocating factories and warehouses your.

Trained and qualified staff to serve the package warehouse transfer

Le Phong Taxi staff are trained and have diverse skills in various fields. Can meet all stages in the process of moving house, office, Relocating warehouses, factories, companies.

A team of skilled drivers who have experience in handling and operating modern machinery and tools – Our staff specializes in carpentry, glass, construction, mechanics, electronics, and refrigeration.

Fully equipped with vehicles and equipment

To ensure a good service during the relocation of your factory or warehouse. In addition, must often work with heavy and bulky machinery during transportation. Le Phong is also fully equipped with means as well as specialized tools to support work transportation, factory relocation the best for your customers.

  • Large cranes, lifting machines, lifting hands
  • Other supporting tools: cranes, winches, cutters, welding machines, hydraulic jacks, protective gear, etc.
  • Tractor trucks, large trucks
  • Moving warehouse less than 50 km.

Range of vehicleVehicle Size10km First11 – 50kmWaiting time
Transit bus 800kg2m x 1.5m x 1.5m400,000 VND20,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
1.2 tons3m x 1.6m x 1.6m450,000 VND20,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
1.4 tons3.4mx 1.65mx 1.6m480,000 VND25,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
2.3 tons3.5mx 1.7mx 1.7mVND 520,00030,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
1.9 tons4.38mx 1.85mx 1.8m550,000 VNDVND 35,000150,000 VND/hour
1.9 tons With lifting berth4.4mx 1.9mx 1.9m800,000 VNDVND 50,000150,000 VND/hour
2.5 tons4.5mx 2m x 2mVND 600,00040,000 VND150,000 VND/hour
2 tons6.2mx 2m x 2m800,000 VNDVND 50,000200,000 VND/hour
  • Moving warehouse over 50km

Range of vehicleVehicle Size51-100km> 100kmWaiting timeSave the night
Transit 800kg2m x 1.5m x 1.5m11,000 VND9,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
1.2 tons3m x 1.6m x 1.6m11,000 VND9,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
1.4 tons3.4mx 1.65mx 1.6mVND 12,00010,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
2.3 tons3.5mx 1.7mx 1.7m13,000 VND11,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
1.9 tons4.38mx 1.85mx 1.8m14,000 VNDVND 12,000150,000 VND/hour300,000 VND
1.9T ben4.4mx 1.9m x1.9m20,000 VNDVND 18,000150,000 VND/hour300,000 VND
2.5 tons4.5mx 2m x 2mVND 15,00013,000 VND150,000 VND/hour300,000 VND
2 tons6.2mx 2m x 2m25,000 VND20,000 VND200,000 VND/hour500,000 VND
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