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Demand Cheap accommodation transfer service in Ho Chi Minh City becoming more popular. Because the majority of people living in Ho Chi Minh City are workers and students from many different provinces. With the desire to change the place of residence, live better, packing the furniture in the house and moving to a new place becomes more difficult when having to do it yourself. Difficulties such as: loss of effort, time, failure to transport heavy items, damaged furniture during transportation, many trips, even affecting the learning and working process, etc.

Understanding the difficulties of students and workers when moving rooms. Le Phong Moving Launching a low-cost accommodation service. With the purpose of helping people easily move rooms, saving money and time as well as not having to spend too much effort.

Room transfer service  Cheap price includes:

  • Divide furniture into sections.
  • Arrange furniture into cartons.
  • Carefully pack fragile or damaged items.
  • Support dedicated trolley moving with small alleys.
  • Move furniture onto the vehicle.
  • Transport all belongings to a safe place.

Benefits of using the service

  • The price of the package transfer is also the final closing price when signing the contract. There will not be any costs incurred.
  • Cheap accommodation transfer service in Ho Chi Minh City Fast, convenient, safe, save time, effort and cheap price.
  • You don't need to prepare cartons, pack things.
  • Bulky furniture such as wardrobes, desks, refrigerators will be safely wrapped.
  • If your inn is in a small alley, there will be dedicated trolleys to the place to take things to the truck.
  • Your belongings will be safely transported to your new hostel, and then the staff will help you tidy up before handing over.

Commitment when using the service

  • Will compensate 100% property value if damage, breakage of your property occurs.
  • There will be no case of loss of items when you use the service, if lost, we would like to compensate for the value of your property lost at that time.
  • Le Phong Moving car system is ready to serve you 24/7 and guarantees absolute rights and safety for all goods and assets when transported.
  • Fast - neat - professional house cleaning takes only 30 minutes to 1 hour and all your goods and assets will be moved to a new place as required.
  • Refund 100% if you are not satisfied with the service quality at Le Phong Moving Company.

Safe and professional service

With unremitting efforts to the best value and experience for customers. Le Phong Moving Company provides cheap accommodation services with the most professional service quality in Ho Chi Minh City.

When using the cheap accommodation service at Le Phong Moving, you not only ensure fast and safe transportation time for goods and assets when moving. But we also guarantee your rights and benefits when using the Room Moving Service with the specific commitments mentioned in this article.


This is a picture of staff working in the process of moving rooms with cheerful enthusiasm and always wholeheartedly for customers.


If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Employees and students are very shy when thinking about renting a car to move in, they will often want to move by themselves to save maximum costs.


  • Be proactive about transportation
  • Transporting things by motorbike or bicycle is convenient when you rent an inn in a small, deep alley


  • Having to divide furniture into parts, it will take time
  • It takes effort, and takes time to travel many times between 2 locations (because it can only carry a few items)
  • Unable to transport heavy items
  • The furniture is fragile or damaged during transportation.
  • Transporting furniture over long distances will be very difficult, time consuming and laborious.

Le Phong Moving is committed to quoting a package moving service. And there will be no additional costs. When providing information, you need to pay attention to accurately report the volume of goods, the amount of furniture and the distance to be transported so that we can quote the most complete and accurate price.

In addition, the side information such as how many floors the inn has, the elevator or the stairs, can the truck get to the place? ... those factors are also extremely important. Because it is the basis for Le Phong Moving Determine how many porters you will need.

It also depends on your case! If the road allows the driver to park, the driver of Le Phong Moving will sometimes get off the car and help you arrange your belongings on the truck.

But if those roads are only allowed to stop, the driver will have to sit in the car. Because if you get off the car to help you transport your belongings, it will be easy to be fined by the inspection agency. Unless the car is completely parked in the yard of your need and transport, the driver can assist you with your transportation as usual.

If you already have someone to assist with the move, you just need to rent a small truck to move the inn to another place, please contact us 1-2 days in advance. Because this will help Le Phong Moving be more proactive in driving. Especially on weekends, the demand for transportation of accommodation will increase, it is very easy to not have a truck to return in time if you report too quickly.

After completing the transfer service of accommodation for workers and students. You should carefully check the furniture, then sign the service completion confirmation, then pay cash directly to the driver or porter of Le Phong Moving.

Le Phong Moving provides services based on actual furniture that workers and students tell us. We will provide 1 transportation support staff for you. As for the case if your hostel is bulky, heavy, inconvenient to go up and down the stairs, Le Phong Moving will base on that to adjust the number of employees accordingly. This will ensure that the transport staff is not overworked and that the transport of the goods is also safer.

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