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Customers can store, store, store documents and other goods at Le Phong Moving warehouse.

Save time and money

Enterprises do not need to arrange personnel to manage records. Besides, records are stored logically and can be easily searched in a short time.

Save space

When documents are stored in the warehouse. The corporate workspace is more comfortable and spacious, leading to higher productivity.

Warehouse for rent

Modern equipment

Le Phong Moving invests in shelves with modern equipment such as fire alarm system, 24/24 surveillance camera and management software, ..

High security

The place where records are kept is strictly and carefully monitored. Documents of the business will be kept confidential and securely stored at Le Phong Moving.


Document storage system
Barcode scanning software

Barcode scanning software

Fire protection system

2 wheel stroller

Security camera system

Security camera system

Statistical warehouse system

Forklift truck



If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Document storage is an important job in every organization, agency and business. Due to the increasing number of records and documents, the storage and preservation of those documents for later retrieval and retrieval is increasingly complicated. In parallel with popular goods storage services, Le Phong Moving provides records and document storage services for customers.

When you have a need to rent document storage, Le Phong Moving staff will specifically advise on the best services for customers and record information about the amount of data you need to store, size rented room…

After analyzing the information provided by the customer in a specific way, the company specialist will give the appropriate type of document storage and quote to the customer.

Customers will be allowed to visit the document archive before signing the contract.

After the two parties agree, they will come to sign the contract according to the terms set forth in advance.

Benefits of using document storage rental service

Finding a reputable document storage rental service provider helps to keep records of the unit and business safe, convenient and cost-effective. Not only that, when you authorize the supplier to keep records and documents, it will save space for the company's office, creating an effective working environment.

At the same time, you do not need to have a headache about managing that large volume of documents because the document storage rental service will bring an effective solution, management software, and document management. should be much simpler.

Document storage rental service at Le Phong Moving helps office workers not have to spend too much time and effort to arrange and transport. Your request for an export-import report on the number of documents you are storing, your request for extracting records, your urgent documents are all answered as quickly as possible.

The process of leasing document storage at Le Phong Moving

With many years of experience in the field of transportation, warehousing, and storage, Le Phong Moving's warehousing system fully meets professional and modern warehouse standards located right on the arterial roads.

In recent years, Le Phong Moving is proud to be one of the leading companies in the field of warehouse rental, cool storage rental, document storage in Ho Chi Minh City. We are committed to providing our customers with the cheapest, most cost-effective and safest storage solution.

With a smart storage management and operation method as well as ensuring the right storage space for you, we offer a simple, scientific and professional document storage rental process.

– Step 1: Is to collect and transport documents: In this step, after receiving information, we will provide standard file boxes with many sizes for packaging.

The work of packing and classifying records can be done by you yourself or hired employees of Le Phong Moving.

Our truck will arrive to transport the documents once the sorting and packing process is complete.

– Step 2: Preservation and storage of records: With Le Phong Moving, there will be 2 basic forms of storage.

+ Your records are securely stored in the warehouse on the iron shelf.

+ Records are neatly arranged and in the correct order marked for easy extraction.

We are always committed to Safety and Confidentiality by:

+ All warehouses at Le Phong Moving are equipped and installed with security and fire protection systems that meet domestic and international storage standards. At the same time, warehouses for rent are located at convenient locations for transporting goods.

+ The import and export of warehouses is managed by a barcode scanner, ensuring absolute safety and security for all kinds of goods during the storage process.

+ 24/7 security guard with modern security camera system.

+ High quality fire protection system is checked periodically.

+ Treat termites and insects periodically with chemicals.

+ Absolute confidentiality of customer information.

– Step 3: Look up records: When you have a need to look up records, you can send a request via email. We will pick up the bins according to the sequence number you marked and return them to you.

We can send documents and documents you need in the form of original documents or scanned copies (depending on your requirements).

With the import and export process managed by a barcode scanner, ensuring absolute safety for your stored records.

– Step 4: destruction of records: For records and documents after the expiration of the storage period as prescribed by law. The two parties will agree to destroy the records by shredding or burning. This will be done based on the agreement between the two parties.

Above is some information about the document storage rental process at Le Phong Moving, if you need to find a reputable warehouse rental unit or need advice on any information about storage services, please Contact us immediately or visit the website for the most detailed advice.

Le Phong Moving's document storage rental service has been creating trust with big customers such as Canon, Honda, An Son, FPT, Vietjet Air, etc. Le Phong Moving always tries and tries its best. We aim to provide excellent services to meet the needs of our customers.

If you are in need of renting a safe and reputable document storage, then Le Phong Moving is a partner you can rest assured and trust. Currently, Le Phong Moving with a blistering market across the country, you can freely tell us the requirements you want.

With Le Phong Moving's document storage rental service, your products will certainly be arranged in a scientific, smart and absolutely safe way. Our professional staff will meet your desired needs, ensuring that your records and documents are safe and intact.

Above is some necessary information about our document storage rental service. Please contact Le Phong Moving immediately for dedicated advice and receive the best preferential services.

  • Spacious and airy document storage system.
  • Apply advanced technology, apply modern informatics to the document storage system up to domestic and international standards.
  • Having a document management system with a modern barcode system and specialized software for document warehouse management.
  • Employees are well-trained in organizing and managing documents professionally, ensuring information security.
  • Especially in terms of security, the company always has professional security 24/24.
  • To ensure archiving of documents and records. Should choose a unit with investment in fire protection system that meets the most safety standards.
  • The rental cost of document storage is always suitable for all customers.

Le Phong Moving – Always can be better – Prestige factor – quality always comes first, you can rest assured and trust.

For the issue of data warehouse rental costs, it is difficult to give a specific price, because for each document storage rental need is different. However, the cost usually depends on a few factors:

  • The amount of records and documents you need to store: For diverse types of records and documents, it will be necessary to carefully classify them to manage records.
  • The area of the room you rent to store documents: If the number of documents is large, you need to rent a storage space with a larger area, the cost will also be higher.
  • Other facilities: In the storage room, if the customer's requirements need more and more diverse equipment such as cameras, etc., the cost will also increase accordingly.
  • Where you hire document storage services: Currently, there are many companies that provide storage rental services, if you choose a reputable company address, the price will also be more appropriate.

Factors affecting warehouse rental prices?

In addition to some of the main factors that affect the cost of renting a specific warehouse, you can refer to some more reasons that affect the number of storage rentals such as:

  • Store special goods: For popular goods, the rental price may be much softer than for specific goods. According to the experience of leasing warehouses at Le Phong Moving, specific goods are understood as items with different structures, shapes and characteristics, requiring different storage processes and conditions than other items. other goods. For example, chemicals need a well-ventilated location, valuables need to be checked regularly...
  • Storage location: The price of real estate in the area where the warehouse is located will strongly affect the rental price of the warehouse. Specifically, warehouses located near the center (Depots in District 7, District 4, Tan Phu, Tan Binh, etc.) will have higher storage fees than warehouses in suburban districts or neighboring cities (Nha Be, Nha Be, Nha Be, Dong Nai, etc.) Binh Chanh, Binh Duong, Long An, ...).
  • Storage location in the warehouse: This may sound funny, but it's true. Just like choosing a place to watch a movie or choosing a seat near an aisle, an emergency exit, an important location can have a slight difference in price. The same goes for the warehouse, in the warehouse there will be "beautiful" locations such as near the aisle, low shelves and more difficult places to pick up goods such as shelves in high positions, floors, etc. Depending on your needs, Costs will also vary.

In addition, if your goods require insurance and special handling, the storage fee will be higher. The volume of the goods will also sometimes affect the storage fee. Accordingly, the heavier the goods, the higher the storage fee will be.

Finally, if you have a long-term warehouse or are a long-term customer, the supplier will most likely offer a good warehouse rental rate. Because in any business, long-term customers are always prioritized. With short-term customers, the business unit will take time to find the source of goods to fill the vacant position.

Instead of a few months to change a customer, they will have special policies for patrons, signing long-term contracts.

In order to meet the needs of renting warehouses for documents and goods of individuals and businesses in Ho Chi Minh City, Le Phong Moving confidently provides a reputable document storage rental service with a large number of storage systems. big. We own a warehouse system that meets quality standards with the process of classifying, managing goods and scientific documents. Customers using Le Phong Moving's temporary or long-term storage services can be assured that their assets will be preserved in the safest way with the most economical storage costs.

With a variety of warehouses and document storage rental services, cool storage rentals, goods storage rentals, Le Phong Moving is proud to be a storage rental service provider. prestigious documents in HCMC. When you need to learn or use the service, you can contact us immediately or visit the website for the most detailed advice.

This is the question of many units, businesses, ... when they do not know where to choose a reputable place to send their trust. Because, the benefits of renting a document storage space mentioned above can not be performed well by all rental units.

With the criteria to meet the needs and expectations of customers, Le Phong Moving provides a reputable and quality document storage rental service that you can completely trust.

Currently, there are many warehouse rental units on the market. But to find and rent a reputable, quality warehouse at a reasonable price that suits the needs of businesses is not easy. So how can you quickly find a reputable safe warehouse? How does the warehouse fit with the business model of the enterprise and optimize costs?

Le Phong Moving will guide you through some warehouse rental experience so you can find the best warehouse for your business.

Searching for warehouse rental units

The first step of the warehouse rental experience, is to find a random list of warehouse rental units before sifting again. The ideal number is about 5-7 units. There are many ways as follows:

Ask for advice from friends and family. If they have used the warehouse rental service and trust you, it is definitely trustworthy. In case they complain about the warehouse they have or are currently renting, you need to consider. To spread the information better, try posting on social networking sites like facebook, zalo to get more tips.

Take advantage of technology in finding warehouses. You can search on Google with keywords like "warehouse rental service", "reputable document storage rental". At this point you will get a lot of results returned. The advice is to choose warehouses with clear addresses, brand names, etc. to avoid encountering intermediaries who will be overpriced.

Take a look at the websites to see where they provide warehouses, what services are available, and are they suitable for your needs? It would be great if they have a list of warehouse rental rates available for you to compare.

Prepare before contact

After having a list of warehouses and hotlines to contact. Do not rush to call immediately, but need to prepare carefully for the questions that will be asked to the operator. This not only shows the professionalism of the individual, but also helps you receive full information and specific questions answered.

Contact for advice and information filtering

At this step, you will contact each warehouse leasing unit to discuss specifically with them, based on pre-prepared questions. Record enough information for easy comparison. You should make a table comparing YES - NO between units so that when you review it, you will have an overview.

With the information obtained after contacting the consultant. It is necessary to eliminate the warehouses that do not meet the needs and are located too far from the desired location. Places that quote too high or show signs of being unreliable should also be removed from the list.

Visit the warehouse and filter information

This is an extremely important step in the experience of renting a warehouse, because hundreds of hearings are not seen with the eyes. The warehouse and service can be introduced very well, but you can only evaluate it when you visit it directly. Let's start with the unit you feel most comfortable with, then the temporary warehouses in turn.

Note whether the way to the warehouse is clear or not, is it prohibited to load. Besides, ask people around about the situation of flooding in the area during heavy rain or high tide.

With the remaining list of warehouse rental units, you conduct a thorough comparison, evaluation and choose the most suitable place!

Factors you need to consider before making a decision to rent a warehouse:

  • The distance from the warehouse to your business as well as the delivery locations.
  • Is the warehouse solid, clean and full of fire protection and security systems?
  • Reasonable level of warehouse rental fees as well as related costs. Are profits guaranteed for the business?
  • Is the service attitude of the staff professional, polite and polite? (consultants, storekeepers and warehouse staff, ...)

View the terms and sign the contract

The warehouse lease contract will be a legal element to ensure your rights during the warehouse rental process. Therefore, the experience of renting a warehouse is to discuss carefully with the warehouse leasing unit to clarify the following issues before signing the contract such as:

  • Warehouse rental costs and associated service costs (if any).
  • The lessor's liability for your goods.
  • Long-term warehouse rental: If you are looking to rent a warehouse for a long time, you should mention the annual price increase margin. Watch out for price spikes when the real estate market fluctuates. Normally, the first 2 years are fixed, from the 3rd year the amplitude ranges from 5-20% depending on the agreement.
  • Regulations on deposit: The deposit can be from 1-3 months or more, depending on the quantity of goods and how long the warehouse lease term is. This is the amount that guarantees the liability of both parties during the performance of the contract. You need to be aware of how to settle the deposit in case of stopping the warehouse rental before the deadline.
  • Compensation policy: Damage, loss of goods while in storage is something no one wants. But in the contract, there should still be a clause stipulating a compensation policy to ensure your benefits.

Hopefully some of the basic information about finding a reputable document storage rental service provider above will help you quickly find a unit that suits your needs. If you need more advice about warehouse rental services, please contact Le Phong Moving.

Goods stored at Le Phong Moving warehouse always ensure:

  • Closed warehouse, non-flooded area, social security.
  • Safety equipment when storing: camera system, ventilation system, fire protection system, iron shelves, plastic pallets...
  • 24/7 live security.
  • Goods are fumigated every 3 months.
  • All stocked goods are managed export/import/inventory by software.
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