Le Phong Moving is one of the leading units in office repair services, dismantling and transporting offices, returning prestigious and professional office premises today. With more than 10 years of experience and a team of highly skilled staff, Le Phong Moving will help dismantle and return the premises quickly and conveniently.

Crane rental services of Le Phong Moving:

  • Crane rental by trip.
  • Crane rental by shift, by the hour, by the day.
  • Cargo crane rental and transportation calculated by distance.

Diversity of types, loads

  • Crane load ranges from: 1 ton, 2 tons, 2.5 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 12 tons, 15 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 20 tons, 25 tons, 100 tons, 30 tons, 200 tons.
  • We cater to all Various types of cranes according to the needs of customers such as: tank crane, wheeled crane, self-propelled crane, crawler crane, kato specialized crane, vicker crane.
  • To meet the needs of customers, Le Phong Moving specializes in using new car brands of prestigious brands such as: Hyundai, Dongyang, Truong Hai, Kato, Hino.

Service advantages

  • The company is also the place that will provide you with a detailed price list and detailed parameters of each vehicle in the company, so that you have the most reasonable choice for your needs.
  • Cargo crane rental service We are all responsible for preserving your goods as ourselves as shipping.
  • All technical details of the equipment and means of operation are correct, and are guaranteed to be thoroughly checked and maintained before performing the task.
  • The procedure is quick, the contract is very clear;
  • There is a wide range of multi-tonnage cranes from top brands.
  • We are committed to fast response time and the cheapest price.
  • Ready to serve 24/7.

Types of crane rental services are being provided

Ho Chi Minh City crane service: Cheap and fast cargo crane service in Ho Chi Minh City. Craning and moving heavy objects, heavy machinery and equipment, in moving warehouses and workshops. Transporting concrete piles, building materials and iron and steel cranes for construction projects. Crane and transport bonsai for real estate projects, civil works, ...

Crane service to move heavy objects: Le Phong Moving Company, in addition to being a unit with many years of operation in the field of crane and truck rental in Ho Chi Minh City, we also provide crane services - moving heavy objects with a variety of payloads from 1 - 20 tons. With a wide range of cranes, we always satisfy our customers.

Cargo crane rental service: The lifting and unloading of large and bulky goods in the case of office relocation, when you have a lot of furniture, this job will be much easier with a team of truck cranes at our company. The crane system is diverse in size and load, Le Phong Moving meets all requirements for cranes and Cargo transportation in Ho Chi Minh City.


If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.

Frequently asked questions about crane rental

Book a car directly on Website, Zalo, Email, Viber, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tel Hotline under the website or operator we provided previously.

When you receive the request, you will choose the type of vehicle, when the customer agrees, the quote, will send a confirmation by contract via Zalo, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Confirmation message, hotline or operator we have provided. issued to you earlier or email.

Payment methods: deposit 30-50% in advance depending on the vehicle type and pay the rest to the driver or transfer later if receiving the invoice.

Fulfill the contract, pick up on time, best price, New car, non-smoking driver in the car, safe driving, good customer care.

For more than 10 days (high season) and 5 days (low season) to the date of departure, the cancellation of the car will not incur a penalty and cancel the car, causing the car to lose money on that day, so the deposit will be forfeited and carefully considered. Cancellation period and compensation will be whichever comes first

We hold the deposit as a goodwill and create certainty to create a cooperative trust to ensure the contract is performed as signed. Deposit by bank transfer at an ATM, online or directly at our company.

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