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LPM provide pre-printed carton or design service, carton printing High Quality. The printed packaging of a product is an important factor. It reflects the integrity, embodying the values of both the brand and the product. With years of experience in the carton packaging industry, we can help you create more protective and eye-catching cartons.

1. Benefits of carton printing?

Increase your ability to protect your product when it reaches the customer. Cartons help limit breakage, reduce bumps that cause unnecessary damage during transportation when reaching your customers. 

Increase brand awareness

Printing cartons with logos, slogans, eye-catching designs will help attract the eyes of people around. increase brand awareness your.

Remind regular customers 

Job carton printing with good material, nice design. Customers will love it and can use it for decoration and reuse for other purposes. And it is inevitable that customers will often see your brand and remind them when there is a need to return. It doesn't cost too much to keep old customers is a very smart investment.

Beautiful design shows your care and dedication to the product

Instead of using materials such as wooden crates, plywood, packaging machines, etc. It is both expensive and not versatile. You should choose an exclusive design printed carton for your company.


Today with the desire to protect the environment of the majority of consumers. Therefore, the use of carton boxes - protecting the environment will create a better impression in the hearts of customers than ever before.

You can completely change the design regularly, very easily, without spending a lot of money in production.

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2. Factors that make up the quality of a carton

2.1. The carton has the right size

Depends on the product shape and weight. From there you will choose the type of carton with the most suitable size. Thereby reducing the impact of the product, increasing the protection of your product to the customer. 

A standard carton will be measured according to the maximum height and width of the product. 

2.2. Print cartons with beautiful high-end printing technology

Regarding carton printing technology, there are many. Here are the printing techniques that you need to know to make the most beautiful carton printing. 

Offset carton printing: Ink is pressed onto rubber sheets, then pressed onto paper. With this technology will produce sharp, beautiful designs.

Printing flexo carton: This is a direct printing technique thanks to the embossed print. Ink is supplied to the die by the anilox shaft. The anilox shaft is a metal shaft engraved with many small cells. In the printing process, part of the anilox roller will be dipped in ink, then it will enter the small cells on the print axis. Whereas the printing molds are photopolymer resin plates. Each market print is a separate photopolymer.

The advantage of flexo carton printing technology is fast printing, low cost and large quantity printing. Usually information cartons. The downside is that printing blurry photos is not suitable. If it is to print beautiful photos, people will choose Offset printing.

2.3. Paper material used to print cartons

Print directly on the carton

Print Carton box is definitely the most popular carton printing material and method today. For every carton product used for the company, the business will also own its own separate printed designs and models. To make your brand stand out so that customers can remember your brand.

The current carton printing products are commonly applied by the offset carton printing method. Because cartons are not too expensive. At the same time, the carton shell material has a smooth flat surface. Make printing faster and more convenient

Printed on the cover

Today's cardboard products are not only used as carton partitions. Thanks to its outstanding feature, it has outstanding rigidity. Therefore, cardboard is also used to make decorative panels, brand promotion, etc.

Because the carton board paper also has the same smooth surface characteristics as the carton box. So printing on cardboard is also extremely easy. Achieve the same image quality as offset printed cartons.

Cold printing lamination for water resistance 

This is the most luxurious type of printing paper. Cold carton has good water resistance, impact resistance, and high hardness. 

The ink strokes on this type have high adhesion and sharpness. This type of printing is often used in gift boxes, wedding gifts, high-class wine, etc.

In addition, the surface of the cold carton box is often covered with art paper, wax paper, etc., which makes the printing more accurate and beautiful.

Benefits of printing cartons?

Choose a design to reflect your business's style

2.4. Choose a model that matches your style and brand

Each brand has its own story, its own style and color. From there, you should choose designs that are reminiscent of the company name, identity color set, ..

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3. Why should you buy pre-printed or printed cartons at LPM?

LPM is a company specializing in the production and printing of cartons without intermediaries. Therefore, the product price will be cheaper than other distributors in the market.

Modern carton printing technology: Flexo printing and offset printing. Depending on the needs of your use, choose the most suitable printing technology with the most affordable price.

LPM provides a variety of carton box printing production services such as 3-layer carton printing, 5-layer carton printing, providing small carton boxes to large size carton boxes.

Support for free consultation on carton box design for customers. Modern equipment, fast printing and carton box making process, on-time delivery.

Benefits of printing cartons?

Diverse models, forms, to meet the needs of customers

Print beautiful cheap cartons with the most competitive prices in the market and many other attractive incentives

We work according to the criteria: Always bring maximum benefits to customers. Contact us immediately when in need carton printing Or buy a professional pre-printed carton box. Contact us now for a quote.


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