Produce Cartons On Demand

You need to pack your products but don't know which type of carton is suitable? Are you looking for a receiving company? custom carton production quality reputation? Contact with LPM right away, we will make you satisfied. 

1. Criteria for producing quality cartons

Carton Size

To determine the size of carton to produce, you need to calculate the length, width and height of the goods to be packed before placing. Then add a barrel thickness of about 0.5mm.

Should add length, width, height from 1 to 1.5cm to insert more foam, foam or shrink film inside. 

When ordering with the manufacturer, you need to clearly note whether the size is the outside or inside of the box. To match the goods to be packed. 

Produce custom-made cartons at LPM in a variety of sizes

Produce custom-made cartons at LPM in a variety of sizes

Specifications and styles of crates

Currently, there are 4 main types of cartons, including yin and yang boxes, closed-hole boxes, full-covered boxes, and snap-on boxes. 

In addition, depending on the purpose of use and the shape of the goods inside, the manufacturer can create many other types of boxes. For example, A1 crates, jutting lids, side open crates, etc.

Carton printing technology

Flexo printing technology is the most cost-effective, simple option. However, you can only print from 4-5 colors. So Offset technology will be more suitable if you want to print sharp, colorful images. 

Carton material

Depending on the nature of the goods and transportation conditions, you can choose the appropriate type of carton structure. There are four basic wave types: A, B, C, and E.

  • Wave A has elastic, anti-distortion properties.
  • B wave can resist impact force, resist penetration and difficult to cut.
  • Wave C has the effect of both wave A and B
  • Wave E is resistant to compression, puncture resistance, sturdy but not as elastic as wave A.

2. The company produces cartons according to quality requirements in Ho Chi Minh City 

LPM is a company specializing in the production of custom-made cartons trusted by many partners in Ho Chi Minh City. 

LPM can take care of the entire production process from design to production and printing of cartons. Therefore, the product price is very reasonable and ensures that it fully meets the requirements of customers. 

  • Can produce various types of crates such as big carton, small, 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer carton, yin and yang carton, ...
  • Free consultation to choose the carton design
  • Good discount when ordering bulk production
  • Sharp and durable printing technology with modern machines.
  • Ensure the progress of signed orders.
  • Quality assured carton with the most competitive price
  • Delivery, fast, convenient.
  • Production and design staff are well-trained and professional to produce the best quality cartons.

Custom carton manufacturing company LPM 

Please contact us at the phone number below for the best support.

3. Custom carton manufacturing process at LPM

Step 1: Advice on choosing the right carton size and style

This is an extremely important step when ordering carton production, the box size must be correct. The staff will measure the length, width and height of the product to be packed (if any). Or see customer-supplied product descriptions to determine box sizes. Then add about 0.5 cm to each edge.

The shape of the box can be requested by the customer. Or LPM staff will advise on the most suitable type of box for the product. Maybe 3 layers carton, 5 layers, dead carton, yin and yang carton,… 

Step 2: Design the image and necessary information for the carton

We will advise on image layout, colors, typography, etc. as well as printing technology suitable for the product. In order to honor the brand value and packaged products. This is also an extremely effective way to promote brand image and save costs.

After the design, we will send the printed sample demo to the customer to view and edit as required (if any). Then send it back to the customer for final approval before mass printing.

Produce cartons on demand

Produce cartons according to unique printing requirements

Step 3: Producing cartons

After the customer approves the sample, LPM will proceed to produce the carton as required. 

Step 4: Handing over the carton

LPM will conduct inspection of finished products such as size, design, printing to see if they are in accordance with customer requirements. We can also shoot products sent to customers for inspection. Finally, LPM will deliver the box to the customer as agreed upon and pay for the order.

Please leave information or contact us immediately via hotline - Staff of LPM Always available 24/7 to advise you service custom carton production in quickest way.


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