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Cargo handling is a keyword searched with millions of different results on the internet. As Vietnam's economy develops, the more goods must be circulated and transported to consumers. And loading and unloading goods is one of the important factors determining delivery time as well as ensuring safety in transportation. In addition, loading and unloading of goods also appear in the process of moving house, moving warehouse, moving office, etc.

Realizing that important need, Le Phong Moving brings customers a super-economical, fast and always safe loading and unloading solution.

Low-cost cargo handling service at Le Phong Moving includes:

  • Carefully loading and unloading common goods such as: agricultural products, seafood, supermarket goods, technological equipment, construction materials and equipment, luggage for tourists, etc.
  • Loading and unloading service at home, warehouse, seaport, airport, train station...
  • Loading and unloading services, moving offices, moving warehouses package.
  • Hire staff for disassembly and technical direction.
  • Providing loading and unloading in supermarkets, markets, commercial centers.
  • Loading and unloading, packing, unloading trucks and containers of all kinds.
  • Support specialized equipment, forklifts, cranes... to dismantle and move goods.
  • Receive cargo handling 24 / 24 Even at night, and holidays of the year…

Advantages of cargo handling service:

  • Le Phong Moving Company has more than 10 years of seniority in loading and unloading field in HCMC.
  • The staff is young, healthy, skilled, trained in skills, labor discipline and responsibility when working.
  • We always have staff to advise you on the loading and unloading plan before construction.
  • Your goods are loaded, moved carefully, safely, committed to no damage, breakage, loss.
  • Workers loading and unloading goods work diligently, honestly, carefully, not afraid of difficulties.
  • Competitive prices, reasonable, maximum cost savings for customers.
  • If there is damage to the goods, we will commit to compensate you for the damage.
  • The time to perform the work will be according to your request regardless of time, whether it is a holiday, a holiday, ...

Professional staff

Loading and unloading staff Le Phong Moving company is always friendly and enthusiastic. Everyone works diligently, has good health, has good responsibility and is very good at bearing heavy loads, always getting along with each other and with customers. When choosing our loading and unloading service, customers will experience from workers who always ensure the safety of the quantity of goods and furniture, without being scratched, broken, damaged or lost.

Professional and safe loading and unloading service, responsible

Safe: Each type of goods has its own characteristics, in order for the loading and unloading to take place most effectively, the operator needs to understand this. And staff of Le Phong Moving We have been trained and accumulated many years of experience, so we will ensure absolute safety when handling furniture, loading and unloading goods. Customer's goods will be carefully unloaded, gently avoiding damage as possible.

Profession: Employees are well-trained in cargo handling techniques, always with a team leader and supervisor to guide and direct them to work professionally. In addition, we also use specialized support equipment such as forklifts, cranes, etc. to help load and unload goods, so the work is carried out quickly, safely and securely.

Responsibility: Le Phong always puts the responsibility of work on the top, if in the process of loading and unloading broken or damaged goods, we will take full responsibility and compensate customers for damage.


This is a picture of the working activities of Le Phong Moving staff in the process of loading and unloading goods for customer partner companies.


If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Customer's name _Contact phone number_Working address

  • Receive calls and set up appointments with customers: address, phone number, time to meet in person for survey, etc.
  • Survey loading and unloading locations: From containers, trucks… to warehouses, shops.. and vice versa.
  • Option: From the container, if the goods are too heavy, use a forklift to lift the goods down and move them to the place where they need to be loaded.
  • Packaged goods can be used with traps (civets, hammers, knives, scissors ..) to break the bales and unload and put them in the position you require.
  • If the distance from the loading position to the loading position is from 15m or more, a trolley can be used to move quickly.

Not only operating according to professional processes. Le Phong Moving always keeps the principles in the loading and unloading process to bring the best service to customers.

Motto 3 no

  1. Do not be negative, harass customers.
  2. Do not behave unethically.
  3. No speech, lack of standards.

Motto 3 best

  1. The most responsible spirit, attitude and sense of work.
  2. The fastest and most efficient working style.
  3. Honest, careful and most respectful of customers.

Step 1: Receive service information.

  • Customers call and register for the service online or call the number on the screen for our staff to receive customer information.

Step 2: Survey the job.

  • Our staff will contact you again to confirm information, survey and appraise to offer the optimal loading and unloading plan.

Step 3: Quote the service to be provided.

  • This is an important step. Le Phong Moving will give the minimum price of this loading and unloading process.

Step 4: Prepare and sign the contract.

  • The loading and unloading contract will be signed when agreed between the two parties.

Step 5: Carry out loading and unloading of goods.

  • Take employees down to the service site and supervise the work.
  • Manage and supervise workers, service quality during the performance of the loading and unloading contract.

Step 6: Acceptance.

  • Completion of work, signed in writing between the parties.

Step 7: Payment.

  • Pay the service fee, by cash or by bank transfer.
  • You receive all documents and payment documents.
Range of vehicleVehicle SizeLoading and unloading fee for 2 headsNote
1.2 tons3m x 1.6m x 1.6mVND 600,000Above Fees do not include:
Expenses for transport trucks, packing materials, cargo insurance packages, transshipping goods from alleys to high floors, disassembling air conditioners, hot water and other household electrical appliances
1.4 tons3.4mx 1.65mx 1.6m800,000 VND
2.3 tons3.5mx 1.7mx 1.7m1,000,000 VND
1.9 tons4.38mx 1.85mx 1.8m1,200,000 VND
1.9 ton Lifting Ben4.4mx 1.9m x1.9m1,500,000 VND
2.5 tons4.5mx 2m x 2mVND 1,400,000
2 tons6.2mx 2m x 2mVND 2,000,000
Transit bus 800kg2m x 1.5m x 1.5m400,000 VND

We specialize in loading and unloading goods at any time 24/7. Even at night or on major holidays of the year, just pick up the phone, our staff is always ready to serve the work you require.

Along with the motto "Customer is God", Le Phong Moving ensures prestige, quality, fast & professional to bring customers the best service quality. With dynamism & enthusiasm in work, customers will be really assured when using cargo loading and unloading service in HCMC of Le Phong Moving Company. For more details, please contact us immediately for the most enthusiastic and thoughtful support.

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