Return office space in District 3 to Japan LPM . standard


Businesses are currently facing difficulties in choosing services return office space in District 3 prestige and budget? LPM bring Japanese quality services to solve all business concerns about:

  • Save precious time, complete the handover on time.
  • Save a lot of effort and manpower but still ensure to complete the job.
  • Save a lot of costs instead of hiring many services.

   1. Why should you use the office space return service when there is a need to move headquarters?

The relocation and conversion of office headquarters takes place every day in many businesses across the country. The self-dismantling, ground return is always a matter of concern and consumes a lot of effort and budget of businesses.

If dismantling, returning the premises by themselves, the business requires a team of staff with good expertise in matters related to civil electricity and water systems, or works related to the field of construction. construction: dismantling, chiseling the wall,; removing tempered glass, partitions, etc. It will not be safe if the employees at the enterprise do not have much experience in the above items.

Besides, the dismantling needs a scientific arrangement and work process, to complete quickly and safely. Or businesses have to spend more costs to hire electricity and water services, construction, transportation, etc. individually. So, office space return is an indispensable service that can help businesses effectively save time, effort and cost.

District 3 is known as an inner city district in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and has a high standard of living and high demand for services. Therefore, more and more businesses are expanding their business scale, moving offices to more convenient locations. District 3 site return service is also getting more and more attention.

   2. Why should you choose to use the professional Japanese standard office space return service at LPM?

If you have learned about the services of land return, house moving, office moving according to Japanese standards, you must have known about the prestige and professionalism of LPM unit.

LPM – Operating for more than 10 years, always improving service and improving service quality every day of operation. LPM always understand and bring the best utility value to customers.

Service return office space in District 3 Japanese standard LPM work according to the procedure and items of dismantling and returning as follows:

  • Remove drywall ceiling, reinstall ceiling type.
  • Dismantle the glass doors, tempered glass partitions at the offices of the enterprise, rearrange them as the original condition.
  • Dismantling wall-mounted, recessed devices,
  • Dismantle the system of lights and ceiling fans belonging to the business.
  • Dismantle the electricity and water system, the Internet, the air conditioner, etc. and re-install the system as the original office.
  • Remove the carpet, wipe the glue and clean the floor again.
  • Paint the wall back to its original condition.
  • Rearrange old but still-used applications and furniture, support transportation to the new headquarters when required by customers.
  • Re-clean the entire office, properly dispose of waste.
  • ….

LPM also make businesses more satisfied and secure to use the service with:

  • Policy of compensation and support for businesses when there is damage or loss of property during the construction process.
  • A large staff, full of technical tools, equipped with good professional knowledge, enthusiastic in work, always completed on schedule.
  • The system of modern facilities, many specialized vehicles, and cranes support faster dismantling.
  • Customer care supports businesses 24/7, promptly receives information, comments and suggestions from customers.


   3. LPM serves to return office space in the entire District 3 area.

To ensure always serving customers throughout District 3, LPM has expanded its scope of activities to all wards and intersections. Specifically in the Wards:

  • Ward 1
  • District 2
  • Ward 3
  • Ward 4
  • Ward 5
  • Ward 9
  • Ward 10
  • Ward 11
  • Ward 12
  • Ward 13
  • Ward 14
  • Vo Thi Sau Ward

And on every street, alley:

  • Cao Thang      
  • Huynh Van Banh         
  • Nguyen Thi Dieu          
  • Tran Quoc Thao
  • International School 
  • Nhieu Loc Channel
  • Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
  • Truong Quyen
  • Road No. 2    
  • Le Van Sy        
  • Nguyen Tri Phuong    
  • Truong Sa
  • Road No. 3    
  • Hai Ba Trung  
  • Nguyen Dinh Chieu    
  • Pham Ngoc Thach       
  • Xuan Huong lake           
  • Nguyen Gia Thieu       
  • Rach Bung Binh
  • ….

Choose return office space in District 3 Japanese standard LPM is a best choice of savvy traders. LPM always ready to serve customers 24/7 at all of the above locations in District 3 or in all districts in the inner suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City. Don't worry about the high cost, call LPM now to receive good price information!


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