(About business cooperation)

Prayer to: Partner!

First of all, LPM GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY sends greetings and wishes for successful cooperation!

LPM is a leading company in the field of home, office and warehouse transportation. In the fields that are considered as strengths of LPM, it is difficult for any unit to have competitive strengths with LPM. With the business philosophy of "faster, better, more dedicated". LPM always wants to bring success to all partners. Because we think
that, the success of our partners will be our own success.

LPM GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY would like to send an invitation to cooperate with our partners who are Organizations, Enterprises, apartment management boards, inns, Individuals who are interested and want to cooperate with us to implement together. All-inclusive home, office, and warehouse operations ~ a strategic part of them.
me in the present and in the future.

We propose here two forms of cooperation:
1. The first form of cooperation; Your partners introduce the source of customers who need to transport houses, offices, warehouses to LPM in the form of basic information: phone number. customer name, in need of shipping.

With this form, you are only paid monthly salary: 1,000,000 VND/month. With the target of 02 customers accepting LPM for transportation.

2. The second form of cooperation: Your partner works with customers who need to transport houses, offices, warehouses to the time of completing the contract with LPM staff.

With this form, you are only paid as a percentage of the revenue brought in:

+ Revenue below 70,000,000 VND: You are welcome 5% turnover.

+ Revenue from 70,000,000 VND come below 200,000,000 VND: You are welcome 7% turnover.

+ Revenue from 200,000,000 VND: You are welcome 10% turnover.

We are committed to always providing our customers with the best products — services and reasonable prices, high discounts and many other incentives. With the goodwill to cooperate for mutual development, LPM strongly believes in the good and long-term success in the cooperation process between LPM and its partners.

For all forms of business cooperation, please contact us directly via:

Transaction office – LPM . GROUP JOINT STOCK COMPANY
Head office address: Opposite 121 Nguyen The Truyen, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC

City. Ho Chi Minh City, July 12, 2022

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