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Maybe you don't know, PE film Currently, it has been widely applied in many industries and e-commerce in our country. The uses in packaging, gluing, and protecting goods of the film have brought unexpected convenience. To help businesses save costs and protect goods, LPM we have launched the service of supplying PE film nationwide.

1. About the concept of PE . film

PE stands for what kind of material? That is the familiar plastic in our lives - Polyethylene or Polyethene. PE is an organic compound made up of ethylene bonds. They are now being widely used around the world. PE film (PE Stresch Film) is produced from original PE granules by melting and then put into a mold to cool down.

Due to its elasticity, PE film is used in wrapping goods and foods to protect them from external agents. This is also a type of plastic film with good elasticity, elasticity and can adhere to items. In addition to the ability to protect the items inside, this film with a clear plastic form can help us easily monitor the condition of the item.

There are two popular types of PE film today PE film wrapped pallet and hand-wrapped PE film. Depending on your needs, you can choose the right type.

PE film LPM

2. Common applications of PE . film

Currently, PE film has been widely applied in many key industries and trades in our country. Some areas are:

  • In industry, PE film is used to wrap goods, electronic components, cars, etc. to wrap pallets, etc. This helps protect them from moisture, dust and collisions during transportation.
  • In agriculture, this plastic film is effective in wrapping agricultural products to preserve, cover the soil to avoid pests and diseases, etc.
  • In fisheries, it is used to preserve frozen aquatic products, lining ponds and aquaculture areas.
  • In the interior and exterior industries, all kinds of furniture and outdoor furniture after production will be carefully wrapped with PE film to avoid dust, or scratches during transportation.
  • In the SPA and beauty industries, people also use plastic film to wrap the waist for medicine, incubate nutrients, ...
  • In the family, we can use PE film to preserve fresh food longer.

PE . Film Application

3. Difficulties in choosing a reputable PE film supplier

It can be said that to achieve the best work efficiency, you need to buy quality PE film as well as buy it from reputable suppliers. Because each of these plastic films has different weight and core specifications.
In addition, on the market today, there are many low-cost films, but the inner paper core is very thick and of poor quality. That shortens the total core length. If you do not research carefully, it is easy to be deceived into buying the above items.
Therefore, please inform you of a reputable PE film supplier - quality - reasonable price - good service - Company LPM.

4. Outstanding properties of PE film at LPM

PE film do LPM Provide the best features for businesses such as:

  • Plastic film is colorless, odorless.
  • Non-conductive, thermally conductive, waterproof, waterproof to industrial exhaust gases.
  • High durability, always elastic and good adhesion to all surfaces.
  • Melting temperature as high as 120 degrees Celsius.
  • Do not react with all kinds of solvents, chemicals such as acids, alkalis, etc. at normal temperature.
  • Has poor solubility when in contact with solvents such as mineral oil, xylene, toluene, etc. at high temperatures above 70 degrees Celsius.
  • Completely insoluble in water or other liquids.
  • PE film produced in LPM Made in accordance with Japanese standards, always ensuring the best quality.

Production of PE film

5. Why choose PE film at LPM?

LPM has been in the industry for many years. And now we have built a brand name, prestige and known by many customers. LPM is currently a partner of many large businesses and companies providing goods and food across the country.

Please choose LPM when in need of a unit that provides the best quality PE film products. The following reasons will convince you right away:

  • The quality of products provided by LPM is always up to standards, in line with customer needs.
  • The products are diverse, rich and genuine.
  • The price range is right according to the common ground, there are more special incentives from the Company.
  • Always have a team of professional knowledgeable staff to support and advise customers 24/7.
  • Good customer care and after-sales service.
  • Warranty, product return and exchange policy when detecting defects or not meeting customer requirements.

We are pleased to assist individuals and businesses of all kinds PE film quality with the most favorable price. Guaranteed you will be satisfied with the quality of service at LPM. Contact us now for a detailed quote and consultation.


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