PE Film Wrapped Pallets

PE Film Wrapped Pallets Nowadays, it is widely used in many production stages. With useful features, this type of wrapping film has become a great help for many industries. To meet the needs of corporate customers, LPM launched a type of pallet wrapping film produced by Japanese technology.

1. PE film wrapped Pallet – Structure and characteristics

PE - Polyethylene or Polyethene - also known as primary plastic beads. PE Film Wrapped Pallets Also known as stretch film, pallet roll. They are produced from this material through lamination processes. This is a specialized product for wrapping furniture, goods, pallets, food, etc. Thanks to that, the goods are protected from collisions during transportation.

Pallet rolling film has the outstanding feature of transparent film, smooth and flexible surface. They are waterproof and dustproof effectively. In addition, they are also waterproof to special gases such as: CO2, N2, ... With the function of wrapping film, they can also stretch to 300%, and have good adhesion. The point to note for the stretch film is that it is easily damaged when in contact with substances such as Acetone, Alcohol, H2O2 and aromatic essential oils.

Price of PE film wrapped Pallet

Photo – PE film wrapped with pallets is commonly used today.

2. Technical process of producing PE film on pallets

Below is the typical PE film production process in facilities:

  • Step 1: Mix the PE plastic particles evenly.
  • Step 2: Melt the plastic particles in the extrusion machine – blow at a temperature of 200-275 degrees Celsius. Then filter again to remove impurities.
  • Step 3: Put the filtered ingredients into the T-shaped mold to put the plastic conditioner into each shaft.
  • Step 4: Plastic from the mold is transferred to the rollers to create a film to shape the product.
  • Step 5: The PE film wrapping the pallet is gradually completed and cleaned in a vacuum sealed water tank.
  • Step 6: Finish the process and cut the edges and roll the finished PE film products.

3. Types of PE film wrapped Pallet on the market today

PE film increasingly developing in the direction of diversity to meet the needs of many manufacturing industries. Some industries such as apparel, electrical engineering, electronic components, automobiles, electrical appliances, food, fruit, etc. According to the current market, stretch films can be divided into 2 types:

PE film wrapped by hand pallet

This kind of PE film is for manual packing. They are applied in the following industries: seafood, garment, etc. They have common sizes of 2 kg, 2.4 kg, 3 kg and 3.5 kg.

PE film wrapping machine pallet

The common sizes of the machine winding type are 3.8 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg rolls. This type is used to wrap products and goods of large and large sizes. The film can wrap a number of products such as: solid wood, furniture, machinery, etc.

PE film wrapped pallet LPM

Photo – PE film has a variety of sizes for many production and usage needs

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4. Why should you choose PE film in reputable units?

With many sizes of PE film rolls, it will be difficult for individuals and businesses to choose the right way for each project. You should choose a supplier with a dedicated and professional consulting team to avoid spending too much money on protecting goods. Newly established units often do not have enough experience in production projects, which easily leads to redundant consulting, more costs for stretch films.

Or you may choose the wrong supplier of poor quality palletized PE film products: thick paper core, thin film, easy to tear, non-adhesive surface, etc., leading to delay in production.

So, choosing where to buy is very important for growing businesses. Has your business found a reputable and quality PE film production and distribution unit?

5. Save cost but still achieve production efficiency thanks to Japanese quality pallet wrapping PE film!

If you are learning about this market, you have heard about the PE film wrapped with pallets produced by Japanese technology in LPM?

LPM is currently one of the leading and reputable units in the industry providing utilities for production and business. With many years of experience and improved quality day by day, LPM now has a large number of customers and partners across the country.

LPM has constantly developed and improved production technology to produce products with the best quality for all businesses. In order to compete in the increasingly diverse market, LPM has applied Japanese technology in the production of PE film for pallet wrapping and created high quality products.

6. Outstanding advantages of PE film on pallets at LPM

Excellent water resistance.

Due to the composition of high-grade plastic particles, PE film is completely inactive with water, whether at low or high temperature. Stretch film LPM Capable of sealing products and goods to limit moisture and water.

The ability to prevent oxidation.

Metal products often react with natural ingredients such as CO2 and O2, leading to oxidation to peeling and rusting. Stretch film at LPM even more outstanding with the feature of impervious to common gases and oils. PE film wrapped Pallet has the ability to prevent the contact between goods with the air and the environment, helping to limit oxidation that causes damage. This is an effective and absolutely safe measure for the preservation of goods and electronic products.

Good dust resistance

As the main ingredient is polyethene, PE film has very good dust resistance. The dirt in the process of transportation and storage will make the goods look old and lose their attractiveness. You should use tough, durable Japanese quality stretch film to protect the goods so that the goods always look like new.

Good ability to fix goods and items

In transporting goods from one place to another, the product will easily fall, fall, or collide leading to scratches. This will reduce their value. A good solution for you is to use PE film to wrap pallets with Japan technology to protect goods from collisions and falls.

PE Film Wrapped Pallets
Photo – High quality Japanese standard pallet wrapping PE film at LPM.

LPM always ready to provide products PE film wrapped pallet Japanese quality in large and small quantities meets all requirements from customers. Along with product quality, we also have a professional team that always supports and takes care of our customers. Contact us today for a detailed consultation and quote.


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