Air Foam Film 30cm x 100m

Price:    25,000

  • Specification: width 30cm, length 100m
  • Roll Diameter: 60cm
  • Weight:~1.5kg
  • Colour: clear white
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Air foam film 30cm x 100m also known as air foam, explosive foam, wrapping foam, shockproof roll... Widely used in all fields including home transportation, packaging. Company's 30cm x 100m bubble foam roll LPM we are a very excellent cushioning material. Helps protect your product from damage, dirt and moisture.

Features of Air Foam Film 30cm x 100m

  • Quy way: width 30cm, length 100m
  • Roll Diameter: 60cm
  • Weight:~1.5kg
  • Colour: clear white

Why 30cm x 100m Air Foam Film Is So Popular?

Air Balloon Roll 30cm x100m is popular with consumers because of the great uses and advantages of this film roll.

  • The product helps to minimize the loss and damage that may arise during transportation. Thereby helping to completely protect the safety of the user's hands.
  • Helps reduce scratches for all high value products such as perfume, jewelry, glasses ...
  • Light weight, easy to transport.
  • The product is safe, easy to use, and saves packaging time.
  • Especially the very affordable price.

Delivery Policy Air foam film 30cm x 100m 

Customers can order Ahamove, Grab, Lalamove Come to our company to pick up goods in case of urgent need if the quantity is small.

For orders with larger quantities, the company will have a team of professional shippers to deliver to your home. For downtown districts, it can be delivered within the day. As for the districts outside the city, delivery is 1-2 days.

In addition, for large orders, wholesale orders, customers need to buy and use a lot. Or resell to retail customers, the company will deliver by truck. For customers in the province, the company will support to send the car to you.

Whether it is a retail or wholesale order, a small order or a large number of LPM companies, we will still serve thoughtfully. To give customers the most satisfying experience.

Where Can I Buy 30cm x 100m Air Foam Film?

LPM is a company specializing in the production of 30cm x 100m air balloon rolls with Japanese standard quality. Since it is a direct manufacturer, the price will be much cheaper than in the market. In particular, our company always has ready-made goods, large quantities at the warehouse, to meet all the needs of customers.

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