Air Foam Film 40cm x 100m

Price:    140,000

  • Size: 40cm wide, 100m . roll length
  • Weight: ~2.3kg
  • Thickness: 4mm thick vapor film
  • Main uses: Suitable for packaging cosmetics, perfumes, notebooks, glasses, water bottles, etc.
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Outstanding Uses of Air Bubble Film 40cm x 100m

  • Foam is resistant to shocks and scratches for the product
  • Bubble foam 40cm x 100m Cheap price, widely distributed, easy to find
  • Compact size makes it easy to transport
  • Shockproof foam 40cm x 100m has a moderate size suitable for closing cosmetics (from 2 to 3 products), phones, laptops, bags, ...

Therefore, vapor foam film is an economical and effective packaging solution for all customers' products.

LPM's 40cm x 100m Shockproof Film Delivery Policy

Our company serves all customers from the need to buy in bulk to those with little demand, from customers in Ho Chi Minh City to customers in the province.

Orders will be arranged and delivered to customers as soon as possible. Usually orders in Ho Chi Minh City will be delivered within the day or at the latest 2 days.

In addition, for individual orders, if customers need instant delivery, LPM will support fast delivery by delivery methods such as Ahamove, Grab, etc.

The foam film is bulky, so transportation is always a matter of great concern to customers, with a fast delivery team and a variety of vehicles (Motorcycles, trucks, ...) LPM always meets all requirements. customer orders.

Address to buy Foam 40cm x 100m Cheap, Quality In Ho Chi Minh City

LPM specializes in manufacturing and distributing bulk foam packing 40cm x 100m. Goods are always available, a variety of sizes, competitive prices, guaranteed Japanese quality and prompt delivery.


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