Air Foam Film 50cm x 100m

Price:    150,000

  • Uses: Protective support for fragile goods. Suitable for packaging cosmetics, perfumes, electronic devices, glasses, etc.
  • Specification: 50cm high and 100m long plate
  • Roll weight: ~ 2.5kg
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Air bubble wrap or bubble film is one of the goods packaging products that is no longer too strange to us. But not everyone knows where to sell quality, cheap foam film rolls. Let's OFFERPM Find out the information you need:

Product Details Air Foam Film 50cm x 100m

Roll of foam film 50cm x 100m is a product of suitable size to pack fragile goods such as wall clocks, electronic devices such as laptops, speakers, designer bags... This is an indispensable packaging product for sales people. Professional online.

Therefore, the use of vapor foam film Fragile packages are essential because they prevent the goods from being damaged, broken, or deformed during transit. LPM specializes in manufacturing and distributing the best low-cost air foam film in Ho Chi Minh City.

Delivery Policy of Foam Film 50cm x 100m

For the size of 50cm x 100m, the company can support customers through the form of ordering Ahamove, Grab delivery when customers need it urgently.

We are ready to serve you from small to large orders. Although LPM's strength is specialized in delivering bulk foam by trucks. However, with the motto "Dedicated service whether you are a retail customer or buying in bulk", we are always here to serve you in the best way.

Address to buy Foam Film 50cm x 100m

Currently, shockproof film products are widely sold outside the market, but in order to find a supplier with the right quality, cheap price, fast delivery, our company LPM completely meets what you need. .


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