Bubble Film 70cm x 100m

Price:    200,000

Uses: The product is suitable for packing large-sized goods such as wine bottles, furniture, tables and chairs, ceramics.

Specification: 70cm high and 100m long plate

Roll weight: ~ 3.5kg

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Advantages of Vapor Foam Film

  • Air bubble film is a very popular type with versatility, low price, so it is the first choice of consumers.
  • Has good toughness and elasticity.
  • Products are used in many fields, packaging different types of goods.

Product Information Air Foam Film 70cm x 100m

The 70cm high foam roll size we can use to wrap large and bulky items such as televisions, washing machines, or high-value tables and chairs, etc.LPM is the place that provides the bubble film roll 70cmx100m Super good price, quality assurance in HCMC.

Delivery Policy of Foam Film 70cm x 100m

Customers or our company can completely order delivery services such as Lalamove, Ahamove, Grab to transport goods in case you need it urgently and the quantity is small.

For larger quantities, the average delivery time is within a day for central districts of HCMC and about 2 days for orders located in suburban areas.

In addition, we accept orders in remote provinces by delivering goods to the truck to send to customers.

Buying Information Air Foam Film 70cm x 100m

When it comes to the place that specializes in providing cheap, high-quality Japanese foam, many people will immediately remember LPM company. With the criteria of prestige put first, we are committed to satisfy and bring the best experience to you.


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