Large Carton

Large carton with many advantages such as certainty, rigidity, diverse designs. Therefore, it is widely used to pack, transport and protect large and heavy goods. 

Let's explore this special useful crate with LPM!

1. What is a large carton?

Large carton is a type of carton designed with a large length, width, and height. This type of crate is often used to pack and transport large and heavy items and goods. Such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, large goods of the logistics industry, etc.

Because it is used to protect large and heavy goods, it requires large cartons to have good bearing capacity, durability and high rigidity. 

Large carton

Large carton

2. Big carton advantage

  • Protect goods, good products

This type of box has good bearing capacity, definitely helps to protect the product safely. As well as avoiding collisions during transportation, so the goods are guaranteed to reach the user's hands. 

  • Various models and designs

Bins can be designed according to customer requirements with various shapes and sizes. To meet the maximum packaging needs of all different items. 

  • Light-weight

This type of carton is very light but equally strong, easy to pack and transport as well as preserve.

  • Enhance product value 

Currently, there are many types of cartons designed according to customer requirements in a professional, sturdy, durable and beautiful way. Some boxes are printed with logos and customer addresses to help enhance the professionalism as well as product value in the eyes of users. 

  • Free Marketing Tool 

Cartons can be seen as a marketing tool that helps brands convey their information to users through printing logos, brands, slogans or addresses. This is also a way to promote the brand.

  • Environmental Protection

Bins are made of different types of paper, easy to decompose, can be recycled and used many times. 

Large carton

Advantages of large cartons

3. Types of large cartons are commonly used today

Large carton divided into 3 basic types: 3-layer carton, 5-layer carton and 7-layer carton.

3.1. 3 layers carton

This is a commonly used type of box, usually using A or C corrugated paper. However, due to its 3-layer structure, this type is not too sturdy to preserve large sized goods. Therefore, the 3-layer carton has the smallest size in the large carton lines.

Some common sizes of 3-layer crates are:

  • 50x30x30 cm
  • 50x20x20 cm
  • 60x40x40 cm
  • 60x45x40 cm
  • 5×45.5×45.5 cm
  • 61x45x45 cm

3.2. 5 layers carton

This is the most commonly used large carton because it has 5 layers of durable, strong and sealed paper. Materials are usually imported from countries such as Korea, Thailand and Taiwan.

The 5-layer carton is usually composed of AB or BC waves. Has good support and bearing effect with high surface force dispersion. So the barrel has a high thickness and is very sturdy.

Common bin sizes are:

  • 60x45x40 cm
  • 60x40x40 cm
  • 60x60x60 cm
  • 61x61x61 cm

3.3. 7 layers carton

The 7-layer carton is composed of 7 layers of paper including BCE or BCB type, which has very good puncture resistance. Therefore, the box can protect products and goods extremely effectively. 

This type of box is very sturdy, has a standard form, so it can be easily stacked as well as can be used to pack large and heavy goods such as machinery, furniture, etc.

7 layers carton

4. Applications of large cartons in life

4.1. 3 layers big carton

  • Packing clothes
  • Packing of blower
  • Packing medical masks
  • Household appliances
  • Store items when moving house, moving office, etc.

4.2. 5 layers, 7 layers big carton

This type of carton is often used to pack export or long-distance goods with large weight and fragile goods such as televisions, refrigerators, ceramics, electronic equipment, safes, speakers, ceramics. porcelain, wine bottles, beer,…

5. Address to sell large, cheap, prestigious cartons

LPM is a unit specializing in the production and distribution of large cartons available or designed according to customer requirements. 

The crates at LPM are produced in a variety of designs, with sturdy construction from many different types of paper, imported abroad.

We also pay special attention to equipping modern machinery systems, committed to bringing to you the most standard, sure and aesthetic products. 

We have a preferential price policy when ordering in large quantities or as a long-term companion. Besides, we also support door-to-door delivery in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City as well as neighboring provinces with extremely reasonable prices. 

For advice and to order products big carton at LPM, please contact hotline - for the fastest support.

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