100 Yard Adhesive Tape

The 100 yards clear/perforated tape product today is very popular in gluing cartons as well as product packaging. The length of duct tape for 100 yards equivalent to 91 meters. Helps customers use longer and easy to use in one hand.

Price of duct tape for 100 yards

Tape in 1 kg/tree
Plants 6 rolls, 1 bag = 20 plants
Tape in 1.2 kg/tree
Plants 6 rolls, 1 bag = 20 plants

Specifications of duct tape in 100 yards

Duct tape in 100 yards is available in a standard size 48mm x 100 yards or 4.8cm x 100y, 50mmx 100 yards or 5cmx 100 yards.

Also on the market there are 100 yards of tape Small size like 24mmx100 yard or 36mm.

You can choose the right type of tape based on your needs.

What are the advantages of 100 yard tape?

100 yard tape can use longer and save costs for users

100 yards of duct tape can be understood that the tape has a length of one roll if pulled out, it will be 100 yards long (equivalent to 91 meters).

Yard means a unit in the UK, with the international standard being that 1 yard is equal to 0.91 meters.
Compared with 80 yard tape, 100 yards tape is used with higher cost. And of course 100 yards tape lasts about 20%

Depending on the needs of use, we should choose a reasonable 100 yard tape.

100 yard tape has a wide variety of applications

Has a large size and good quality, the product duct tape for 100 yards can become the perfect packing tape, or tape used in offices, schools, etc. This helps this product become more and more popular and popular.

100 yard tape is distributed by many units

Currently, on the market, there are many addresses providing quality 100 Yard adhesive tape products, typical of which is Southern Adhesive Tape. As a leading manufacturer, distributor and supplier of adhesive tapes, Southern Adhesive Tape is ready to bring to its customers prestigious products with high quality and the most favorable prices.

Where to buy duct tape in 100 yards

Contact LPM immediately for the cheapest adhesive tape supply. We with a large capacity adhesive tape manufacturer will surely ensure the progress for the growing demands of the packaging market.

Perfecting the picture of packaging solutions to help promote Vietnam's e-commerce growing stronger

Help save and optimize the best product packaging costs. At the same time, it contributes to perfecting the packaging process during transportation.

Why choose 100 yards production LPM tape?

We are the best manufacturer and distributor of adhesive tapes in the southern region

We have a wealth of experience and a team of skilled technicians

We guarantee that our tapes have a stickiness of 5MIC or more, and won't break when pulled

Our products are guaranteed and free of charge

We always support our customers 24/7

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