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Opaque Tape It is a widely used item in many industries as well as daily life. With many useful features and uses, they have become an indispensable aid in production. Let's consult with LPM through useful information about OPP through the article below.

1. Main ingredients of opaque tape

Opaque Tape aka yellow tape, black gold tape, opaque OPP, etc. The name OPP stands for Oriented Polypropylene, which is also the main ingredient that makes opaque glue. This material is environmentally friendly and also very safe for users.

Opaque Tape often have many colors such as opaque plastic color, dark opaque color (yellow brown or black yellow). The color composition in the glue determines the density of the glue.

This type of tape is widely used in gluing boxes, packaging products in industries such as plastic, wood, etc.

2. Advantages and uses of opaque tape

Opaque Tape commonly used in our daily life. This type of adhesive tape has many outstanding advantages such as:

- Good bearing capacity, durable and firm.

- The sizes and thicknesses are designed to suit different types of goods and items.

- Diverse models, sizes to meet all needs of users.

Thanks to the above versatile features, opaque tapes have many useful uses in many areas of life and production. Opaque adhesive tape can be used in the following cases:

  • Perforated tape used to glue, fix the carton in the transportation of goods. Strong bearing capacity, extremely good adhesion to the paper surface, but the glue can help the container hold many heavy objects without being torn or damaged.
  • Adhesive tape is used to seal goods and items during transportation.
  • Perforated adhesive tape for gluing packages with small loads.
  • The product is also used to glue metal, nylon, glass, etc.
  • Perforated adhesive tape is also used in the postal and postal industries.

Buy opaque tape

Photo – Opaque tape is an indispensable item in life and production.

3. Notes when choosing to buy opaque tape

Opaque Tape is a product that is easy to use but also needs to be compatible with the utensils and items you want to stick. Besides, there are also many types of low-cost but poor-quality perforated adhesive tape, the adhesive layer in the tape has no stickiness, no bearing feature.

Therefore, when choosing to buy tape you should note:

Should choose the right specification of the appropriate tape

The standards of opaque tape including: stickiness, length, width of the tape.

About stickiness: You should choose the right adhesive tape. If using foam boxes, foam should choose an opaque glue with 43mic adhesion, packing in low temperature conditions should use 55mic stickiness. Or use 50mic perforated glue in packing, packing cartons.

About the length: The unit of measurement is usually yard (1 yard = 0.9m). You should find the right length to buy. There are two popular types of perforated tape, 100 and 200 yards. In particular, the thickness of the paper core should also be noted. The larger the paper core, the less glue will be and their cost will be cheaper.

About the width: The most common is the tape with a width of 4.8cm (5f tape). In addition, there are many other types 1.2cm, 2.4cm, 6cm, 7cm, ...

Please note the color difference between batches

The difference between the colors of the batches is due to the variety of raw materials. Manufacturers of opaque tapes often import materials from many places at home and abroad, which makes a difference in the dose of chemicals in each batch.

Choose a reputable supplier

To ensure the quality of the adhesive is durable, sure or the parameters given are always accurate, you should find a reputable unit. This will make your work faster and more efficient. Avoid small errors because of wrong parameters that affect the whole project.

Opaque Tape

Photo – It is recommended to choose a reputable and quality opaque tape supplier – LPM

So, have you chosen a reputable and quality supplier of opaque tape?

4. Why is LPM a supplier of good quality opaque tape?

I would like to introduce to you, a company with many years of experience in the industry and has received a lot of trust from partners. LPM we always work with the criteria of prestige - quality - professionalism - right price - right process. The following reasons will convince you to use products at LPM:

  • We are the industry leaders, always equipped with large-scale production lines and high standards.
  • We offer high quality opaque tape products that are tested for safety before being put on the market.
  • We always commit to have enough adhesive tapes according to the contract, on time as signed.
  • We have many incentive programs, promotions for new customers, long-term customers, …
  • We are committed to always consulting at the right price, right need, helping customers save costs for each project.
  • We always have a team of experienced staff who fully understand the process to give advice to our partners.
  • We provide the service of transporting goods to the warehouse or factory of the enterprise with the best preferential fee, without any additional costs.

LPM . Perforated Tape

Photo – LPM always provides the best quality opaque tape products.

5. LPM opaque tape products are providing

LPM company provides a wide range of sizes of opaque tapes to help meet all requirements from customers. You can refer to some types of opaque adhesive tapes that we are manufacturing and distributing:

  • Tape 24mm – 100 yards.
  • Tape 24mm – 80 yards.
  • Tape 48mm – 100 yards.
  • Tape 48mm – 1000 yards.
  • Tape 48mm – 80 yards.
  • Tape 48mm – 60 yards.
  • Tape 60mm – 100 yards.
  • Tape 60mm – 100 yards.
  • Tape 60mm – 80 yards.

Or you can order in the following ways:

  • Buy by yard: Customers can buy according to the total length of opaque tape that you need. It is possible to customize the number of meters corresponding to the yard according to the project you choose accordingly.
  • Buy by volume: Choose to buy according to the number of kilograms of adhesive tape, you need to check the situation of the roll, how thick or thin the core is, how much length, how thick is the tape, etc. Skilled workers approximate but the accuracy is very high.

LPM Committed to bringing you products tape generally good opaque tape Japanese standard quality with reasonable price. Contact us now to get a quote and get more attractive offers.

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