5cm . Clear Adhesive Tape

On the market sealing tape There are many different types of adhesive tapes available today. The reason the tape has so many specifications is to meet the specific packaging needs of each industry. There are many types of tape such as 2cm tape, 5cm tape, 6cm tape and 7cm tape. Among them, the most popular is 5cm . inner tape.

Classification of 5cm . tape

  • In terms of color48mm . inner tape There are 2 common types: 5cm clear tape and 5cm opaque tape.
  • In terms of length, 5cm tape includes adhesive tape in 5cm 100yaand 5cm 200 yards of duct tape.

Application of tape in 5cm

Adhesive tape in 5cm Commonly used in the final packaging of most manufacturing companies. This is a common width in all adhesive tapes on the market.

Tape 5cm used by online shop owners as an essential packaging material every day.

Price list for glue in 5cm

Here are the prices of some 5cm tapes that LPM is currently trading

Price of duct tape in 5cm 100 yards

Here is the price list duct tape in 5f 100y: 

SpecificationsRetail price
Tape in 1 kg/tree
52,000 -> 55,000 VND/tree
Tape in 1.2 kg/tree
65,000 -> 70,000 VND/tree

Price of duct tape in 5cm 200 yards

SpecificationsRetail price
Tape in 1.8 kg/tree
102,000 -> 105,000 VND/tree
Tape in 2 kg/tree
115,000 -> 120,000 VND/tree

Address to buy duct tape in 5cm

Currently, there are many companies that produce tapes in 5cm, but the quality and price are not stable. Here are a few suggestions if you want to buy cheap and quality adhesive tape in Ho Chi Minh City:

The companyStrengthsContact
LPM . Tape
Fast delivery, stable quality09.
Nam Long Packaging
Cheap prices, provide a variety of products0377.04.06.06
Huy Dien PackagingSpecializing in retail, fast delivery0932.088.918
Dinh Bao PackagingSupport multi-channel selling on e-commerce floor0947.833.363
MrKeoSupply all kinds of adhesive tapes, specializing in high-class imported goods0989.401.409
Hai Au TapeSpecializing in logo printing tape0877.77.22.55

Why buy 5cm tape at LPM?

To get stable quality and cheap price, we recommend you to buy  tape in 5p at LPM for the following reasons:

  • The first: The price of 5f adhesive tape at LPM is competitive because we are the direct factory.
  • Second: We have always been the market leader in the production of adhesive tapes. Company reputation always comes first.
  • Tuesday: Ensure stability for customers, the tape does not break or encounter a non-stick condition.
  • Wednesday:  The goods are in stock, so the delivery speed is guaranteed to be the fastest in the adhesive tape production units.
  • Thursday: Return policy I'm white. Customer-centric.
  • Friday: A team of professional consultants, with in-depth knowledge of the packaging industry.

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