Duct tape

Today, visionary entrepreneurs have grasped the rapidly growing potential of the online sales industry. Therefore, the demand for Duct tape for packing goods increasing day by day. This is an indispensable support item to ensure the safe transportation of goods. We offer tapes in all sizes at the best prices – check it out at LPM.

1. Characteristics and composition of clear tape

Duct tape also known as clear adhesive tape, opaque white adhesive tape. This is a very familiar item for us. They are commonly used in many manufacturing industries as well as stationery.
The clear adhesive tape is composed of chemical ingredients such as Oriented and PolyPropylene. After cooking the above chemicals, conducting nano-separation, they will be laminated into film layers. Next, they are coated with a layer of glue and then divided into small rolls to suit each use requirement.

Duct tape

Specifications in adhesive tape:

  • 50mic thickness.
  • Durability 16lbs./in.
  • Stretch 150%.
  • Adhesive force 22 oz./in.
  • Heat resistant 32F - 140F.

2. Application of adhesive tape in

Not only used in online packing, adhesive tape is also used in many other industries. Because of their low cost and the material is usually tough and has good adhesion. So they gradually became the most commonly used tape. Clear tape has many applications such as:

Adhesive tape in carton sealing

The adhesion of this tape to paper is very good. Therefore, clear adhesive tape is commonly used in carton packing. This type usually has a stickiness of 50mic, the width of the tape is 4.8cm. Clear tape is used in conjunction with the tape cutter to save more time.

Adhesive tape in product pasting, online packing

Along with the development of e-commerce sites such as Lazada, Shopee. The demand for online shipping is increasing day by day. Internal adhesive tape is used to support product gluing, carton sealing, online packing in efficient transportation. Due to the transparent tape, the information written or printed on the order is also easy to see and control. This helps operators in the transportation unit work quickly and avoid many errors.

3. Why should you choose to buy clear tape at LPM?

Like many businesses in the industry, LPM also launched products tape in meeting customer needs. But with more than 9 years of experience, the company LPM always researches and produces adhesive tapes according to the Japanese technological process. Choose to buy clear duct tape LPM owns the best Japanese quality products.

Buy duct tape

LPM always accompanies businesses and individuals with commitments on prestige and quality:

  • We bring standard products, which have been tested before going to the market.
  • We guarantee to produce a variety of adhesive tapes and always ensure large or extremely large quantities according to customer requirements.
  • We always have extremely good incentives, or promotions for new customers, long-term customers, customers who want to sign a long-term supply contract, etc.
  • We are committed to exchange and compensate if there are damaged goods due to transportation or production.
  • We always train the most professional staff, serving customers 24/7 with the most enthusiastic and reasonable advice.
  • We have a system of warehouses all over the country, easy to transport goods to anywhere you need.
  • We always have the best after-sales service for every partner.
    If you are more worried about good supplies. Let LPM mourn with you. 24/7 consultation hotline: –
    Desk phone:
    Email: chuyennhalephong@gmail.com
    Website for reference: https://chuyennhalephong.vn/

4. Several types of clear tapes provided by LPM

The clear tape provided by LPM is always diverse in size, meeting all the needs of customers. Please refer and choose the most suitable size for the project.

Inner tape

Clear tape – 100 yards

This is the smallest, most popular tape on the market. They are popular because of their low cost, small volume, and ease of use. The tape in this small is distributed in the following specifications: duct tape in 1kg/tree and duct tape in 1.2kg/tree, 6 rolls each. They are used in small online packing, stationery.

Clear tape – 200 yards

The 200 yard type has a larger size and is used in factories, factories, and units that often use tape. Specifications of this type of adhesive tape are usually: 1.8kg/tree and 2kg/tree, 6 rolls each. They are all commonly used due to their large size, easy to stick on large surfaces, which saves more costs.

5cm . inner tape

This type is also known as 5f, 5p, 48mm clear tape. The name as well as the size, 5f tape is suitable for gluing cartons, packing goods online. Several specifications of 5cm inner tape: 5f 100y, 5fx 200y and 5f 300y inner tape. These three specifications all have a thickness of 5cm tape but differ in terms of 100, 200 and 300 yards.

Product Duct tape do LPM All supplies are manufactured according to Japanese technological process. Therefore, the quality in each product is of a high standard. If you can't find good adhesive tape, you can't get it anywhere else LPM, contact us to receive more offers – 24/7 consultation hotline: – – Reference website: https://chuyennhalephong.vn/

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