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To serve the increasingly diverse needs of production and living, foam tape was born to create many conveniences for us. This is a type of tool commonly used in many manufacturing industries and in life. Let's learn about the values that foam glue brings.

1. Foam tape composition and classification

Foam tape usually has 2 foam sides and is coated with acrylic adhesive. Structural features of double-sided foam adhesive include; silicone layer, adhesive layer, backing layer, lining, adhesive layer. The glue on the tape can stick and fix other surfaces together easily.

They can be used on surfaces such as cardboard, paper, glass, metal, wood. Double-sided foam tape can withstand high force, good adhesion, long service life.

There are also varieties such as green foam tape. Single-sided foam tape with heat resistance from 30 to 120 degrees Celsius. Can stick thin materials. And green foam tape is a specialized type used in construction, electrical, water and refrigeration repair. Thanks to its high durability, the ice is not affected much by the weather.

Foam tape

Foam tape used in daily life usually has a small form of 5-25mm. As for the type used in production in factories and factories, the width is larger from 40-60mm.

Foam tapes are classified mainly based on their length, width and thickness. Usually the following sizes are available:

  • Common lengths are about 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, etc.
  • Common width in degrees 0.5cm, 1cm, 1.5cm, 2.5cm, 5cm, ...
  • Thickness about 90-180mm

2. Advantages and useful applications of double-sided foam tape

Foam tape has many advantages such as: high adhesion, strong bonding. They can replace all kinds of screws, screws, welding, etc. You don't need to spend time drilling and punching the wall to make the room space bad. This type of double-sided tape has many convenient sizes, and is very strong and heat-resistant. Some types are still very tough, difficult to peel off and resistant to water, very good cleaning chemicals.

Thanks to the above advantages, double-sided foam tape is widely used in manufacturing industries.

  • In industrial production, this type of adhesive tape helps to keep machinery parts, equipment, components in place, etc. They also help to complete the structure of many appliances and household appliances in the house.
  • In the printing industry, foam tape helps to keep prints firmly in place on the printing plate.
  • In the industry of furniture, glass, ..., tape is used to glue some details on furniture or glass surfaces.
  • In the fine arts and fine arts industries, they are often used to glue decorations, pictures, and connect products together.

Double-sided foam tape

3. The company specializes in providing 2-sided foam tape – LPM

We – Company LPM is a unit that provides a variety of types tape  With full size, high quality. There are many reasons why duct tape at LPM trusted by many customers nationwide:

  • The production line system always meets modern Japanese standards to meet the supply of a sufficient number of products to the market.
  • Each manufactured product is thoroughly checked for quality before being sent to customers.
  • Foam tape products are always diverse in sizes and types to meet all needs of customers.
  • Clear policy on exchange, compensation for damaged goods due to manufacturing defects.
  •  LPM company provides quality products at the most reasonable prices in the market, and always has many preferential programs.
  • LPM has a wide transportation system across regions, will always provide goods to customers whether far or near.
  • Experienced staff is always ready to advise and serve customers 24/7.

There is not necessarily a company that provides foam tape which meets the above criteria. But LPM has accomplished all of the above by bringing useful values to its partners over the past 9 years. There is no longer any reason to hinder your cooperation and LPM, contact us immediately:

24/7 consultation hotline: –
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4. Outstanding features of foam tape at LPM

With many years of experience in the market, our LPM Company has researched and launched quality products that are improved day by day. And now, we bring to you foam tape products with many outstanding features such as:

Permanent bonding technology

With a structure with many layers such as foam layer, super-adhesive acrylic adhesive layer, coating paper layer, foam tape at LPM is made up of permanent bonding technology. The acrylic adhesive layer will be spread evenly on the surface of the foam layer to distribute the force evenly, creating long-term adhesion. High foam thickness provides better tensile strength.

Outstanding adhesion

Foam tape has the ability to stretch up to 180% and has extremely strong adhesion that can replace other tools such as nails, welds, etc. Glue quickly on many surfaces: wood, plastic, glass, etc. metal,…

Ability to withstand high temperature

The foam tape provided by LPM is resistant to high temperatures up to more than 100 degrees Celsius and resists strong UV rays.

Guaranteed aesthetics

With fast adhesion, and thick lining design, foam tape does not damage the product surface or the wall surface. This ensures aesthetics and limits nail holes, drilling holes that are difficult to see on the wall.

Here is the information about foam tape quality provided by LPM Company. The current LPM increasingly expanding with a system of many warehouses throughout all regions, which can serve customers near and far across the country. Just one call, we will deliver the product to you. Don't be shy, contact Customer Support Hotline 24/7: –

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