Small Carton Box

Currently, the demand for using carton boxes to pack goods is increasing day by day. Therefore, many units producing carton boxes were born in turn to promptly meet that demand of customers. Small carton box is one of the carton boxes that are very widely used to pack compact products and protect them from external agents.

1. What is a small carton box?

Small carton box has a very diverse size, width, length, and height are usually in the range of 6cm to 10cm depending on the type.

This type of box is often used to store products of small size with the aim of avoiding the product being collided or in direct contact with the outside environment. 

Packing products in carton boxes also supports the arrangement of products in a neater and more aesthetic way.

Small carton box

Small carton box

2. Small carton box material

Small carton box made from different types of paper with different functions.

  • Bristol Paper

The surface of the paper is quite glossy, smooth, and the ink adhesion is moderate. Paper weight from 230 to 250 g/m2.

Carton boxes made of Bristol paper are often used to store cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, soaps, etc.

  • Paper Ivory

Ivory paper has only one smooth side, the other side is slightly rough. This type of paper is quite cheap. Therefore, it is commonly used to produce cans or food packaging. Ivory paper weight from 230 – 250 g/m2.

Small carton box material

Small carton box material

  • Couche paper

This is a high-quality paper with a relatively high price. Both sides of the paper are white, smooth, glossy, high ink adhesion, sharp and vivid printed images, ...

Therefore, Couche paper is often used to produce phone cases, cosmetics, fashion products, etc. Paper weight is 90-300 g/m2.

  • Duplex Paper

The two sides of Duplex paper have opposite properties. One side of the paper is very white, smooth and glossy. The other side is slightly darker. 

High paper weight, over 300 g/m2. Therefore, this type of paper is often used to produce paper boxes with larger sizes, requiring high rigidity. 

  • Crystal Paper

This type of paper also has 2 quite different sides. One side is very shiny, the other side is quite rough. Therefore, this type of paper is often used to print paper boxes or print according to customer requirements.

3. Application of small carton box

Small cartons with different designs and sizes are used for different purposes, such as: 

  • Carton box size 30x15x10 is often used to store clothes, shoes, cosmetics, hats, ...
  • The carton box used to pack the computer keyboard or the book has the shape of a horizontal rectangle.
  • Halloween and holiday decorations can be placed in cartons measuring 20 x 16 x 6 cm
  • Container for household appliances, household appliances.
  • Box for compact accessories such as phone cases, headphones, power banks.
  • Box for beauty accessories such as hair dryer, hair iron, curling iron, ... 

Small carton box application

4. Small carton box size at LPM

LPM specializes in manufacturing and distributing a variety of products small carton box with different sizes:

  • Carton box size 10×10x5 cm
  • Carton box size 10x10x8 cm
  • Carton box size 10×6x6 cm
  • Carton box size 13×10x8 cm
  • Carton box size 14×10x7 cm
  • Carton box size 15×11x3 cm
  • Carton box size 15×12x10 cm
  • Carton box size 15×18x6 cm
  • Carton box size 16×12x6 cm
  • Carton box size 17×6x6 cm
  • Carton box size 18×10x8 cm
  • Carton box size 20×10x10 cm

5. Address to sell reputable and quality small carton boxes

LPM is a reliable address, specializing in the production and distribution of small carton boxes of various sizes and types with many different materials. In order to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

With a team of experienced and highly specialized production staff. We are committed to carton box products with high rigidity, solidity and can be reused many times.

For advice and quotes of all kinds small carton box At LPM, please contact hotline – or visit the website to see more types of boxes suitable for use needs.

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