3 Layers Carton

3 layers carton is a very popular type of barrel today because of its reasonable price, high applicability as well as a variety of models and sizes.

Let's find out more with LPM why this type of barrel is so popularly used!

1. What is a 3-layer carton?

3 layers carton is a type of paper carton, made up of 3 layers of cardboard. In it, includes 2 layers of paper on the outside and a layer of sine wave paper in the middle. 

This is the most commonly used type of carton today because of its reasonable price and high applicability. 

This type of carton is often used to store light-weight products and goods such as tissues, instant noodles, cosmetics, etc. 

3 layers carton

3 layers carton

2. Features of 3-layer carton

3-layer carton is composed of 3 layers of paper including: surface paper layer, corrugated paper layer and innermost paper layer. Each layer of different paper has different functions, creating a quality carton to meet customer requirements.

2.1. Surface paper layer

This is the outermost layer of the carton, usually white, yellow or brown. Because it is the surface of the box, smooth, flat and standard paper is often used to increase professionalism when packing and transporting products and goods.  

2.2. The middle layer of corrugated paper

This is the layer of paper in between the inner and outer surface layers of the carton. This layer of paper is composed of layers of sine wave paper with various wave patterns such as: 

  • Wave A

Paper wave height: 4.0 – 4.9 mm. Wave frequency: 33 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. Error: 3 wavelengths. 

Carton paper using A wave withstands good dispersion forces on the entire surface of the carton.

  • BOOM

Paper wave height: 2.2 – 3.0 mm. Wave frequency: 47 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. Error: 3 wavelengths. 

Cartons using B wave withstand high penetration force.

  • Wave C

Paper wave height: 3.2 – 4.0 mm. Wave frequency: 39 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. Error: 3 wavelengths. 

Cardboard paper using wave C combines both advantages of both wave A and B. 

  • Wave E

Paper wave height: 1.0 – 1.8 mm. Wave frequency: 90 wavelengths per 30cm of paper. Error: 3 wavelengths. 

This layer of corrugated paper has the role of increasing the dispersion and bearing capacity as well as resisting collisions when packing and transporting goods. 

The 3-layer crate is mainly used for A, C wave layers.

Types of paper waves

2.3. Bottom surface paper layer

The bottom surface is the main support for the carton. Therefore, it is usually composed of a layer of hard paper. The paper weight can be 2 times that of the other sides.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of 3-layer carton

3.1. Advantages

  • 3-layer crates are quite cheap, diverse in size, to meet all the needs of customers.
  • Light barrel weight, easy to bend and cut. Easily stacked.
  • When not in use, the crate can be folded flat and stored easily.
  • The shipping cod boxes have good waterproofing properties, protecting the goods from moisture.
  • Good porosity, good bearing capacity, can be easily embossed.
  • Various models and colors.
  • Can easily print logos, addresses, brands, ... in a sharp way. 
  • Can be reused many times.
  • Degradable, environmentally friendly.
  • Can be assembled in a variety of designs using clips, stickers or staples.

3.2. Defect

  • Permeable to water and moisture.
  • Flammable.
  • Lower quality than 5-layer, 7-layer carton. 

4. Dimensions of 3-layer carton

Most crate manufacturing companies offer custom design services. Therefore, 3-layer cartons are very diverse in size. 

Some of the most commonly used carton sizes today:

  • 10x6x6cm
  • 10x10x8cm
  • 15x12x10cm
  • 15x10x10cm
  • 20x15x10cm
  • 20x20x15cm
  • 20x10x10cm
  • 20x15x15cm
  • 25x10x10cm
  • 25x15x10cm
  • 25x20x10cm
  • 30x20x10cm
  • 30x15x10cm
  • 30x20x7cm

3 layers carton size

Dimensions of 3-layer crate

4. Application of 3-layer carton

Today's carton manufacturing companies are constantly updating with more models and sizes to meet the maximum needs of customers. 

Some common applications of 3-layer carton in the fields such as:

  • Packing goods, ship online business code
  • Fashion: hats, shoes, bags, glasses, ...
  • Medical: medicine containers, masks, medical equipment, ...
  • Cosmetics: Containing cream, powder, …
  • Food: paper box for instant noodles, pizza, cake, ..

Depending on the requirements of the customer, the manufacturer will also design to change the color, design, and size. 

5. Unit specializing in the production and distribution of 3-layer cartons in Ho Chi Minh City

LPM is one of the units specializing in the production and distribution of prestigious cartons today. Including 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer carton, carton small carton, big carton,… 

Why should you use 3-layer carton at LPM?

  • Standard size, high quality crates
  • Diversity of product models and sizes
  • Reasonable price, discount when buying in bulk
  • Support design, print cartons as required.
  • Transportation within the city and surrounding areas.

For advice and quotation of cartons at LPM, please contact hotline – or visit website https://chuyennhalephong.vn/ to see more quality carton samples quantity.

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