5 Layers Carton

Preservation of goods is a top priority in the goals that need to ensure the quality and integrity of goods during transportation. Cartons help reduce the risk of collisions and damage and optimize costs for shippers.

Carton is one of the preferred packaging materials that has been and is being used extremely widely in shipping packaging. Among the types of cartons, 5 layers carton It is a popular choice for many consumers and businesses because of its good protection and reasonable price. 

1. What is 5-layer carton?

5 layers carton is a type of carton composed of 5 layers of carton paper. These boxes are often used to transport goods weighing from 12kg to 18kg. Depends on the size and shape of the box.

5-layer cartons are often used to pack goods, furniture, machinery, etc., which are large and heavy.

5 layers carton5 layers carton

2. 5-layer carton structure

5 layers carton include: 2 layers of sine wave paper, 2 outer layers of paper and 1 layer of flat paper in between 2 layers of corrugated paper.

The special feature of these 5 layers of paper is that they are interlaced to create a tight combination. 

5-layer carton is divided into 2 main types: 5-layer single corrugated carton and 5-layer double corrugated carton.

  • Outer layer (face layer)

This is the outermost layer of the carton. Therefore, the type of paper used for this layer will be the best glossy. Can be white paper, yellow paper, brown paper. Not only ensures the aesthetics but also makes the offset printing of the box easier.

  • Middle class

This is the layer that has the function of linking 2 wave layers together. Therefore, the paper used for this layer is soft and tough paper. Because it doesn't require much force.

  • 2 layers of waves

Consists of 1 layer between the surface layer and the middle layer, 1 layer between the bottom layer and the middle layer. The corrugated layer acts as a bearing layer to help prevent the impact of the barrel. 

Depending on the needs of use and the bearing capacity of the goods, you can choose wave class A, B, C, E, BC, BA, BE, CE or EA.

  • Bottom layer

Is the layer located at the bottom, also the layer in direct contact with the goods. So usually it is soft and has good elasticity. The paper used in this layer is usually paper or normal paper.

5-layer cartons often use BE waves to reduce costs and have a certain compatibility. However, if you are storing valuables or fragile items, BC corrugated boxes are recommended. 

3. Classification of 5-layer cartons

  • Single wave type

Is a type of carton made from a certain type of wave such as wave A, B, C or E.

    • 5-layer corrugated box A: The height of corrugated paper A is 4.7mm. This type of carton has the effect of withstanding good dispersion forces on the entire surface of the paper.
    • B-corrugated carton: with a corrugated layer thickness of 2.5mm. The number of waves over 30cm is 47+/-3. This type of barrel withstands high penetration forces.
    • C-corrugated carton: is a carton with 3.6mm thick corrugated layer and the number of waves per 30cm is 39+/-3. Although it can withstand good surface dispersion forces, it is still not as good as A corrugated box.
    • E-corrugated carton: This type of carton is quite thin because the thickness of the corrugated layer is only 1.5mm. Therefore, it is often used to store light weight objects.
  • Double wave type

This is a type of barrel that uses 2 different waveforms such as: wave BC, BA, BE, CE, EA, ...

4. Advantages and disadvantages of 5-layer carton

  • Advantages of 5-layer carton

    • Used to store relatively heavy goods. To ensure their safety during travel. Avoid collisions, damage to the product inside.
    • Save human effort when carrying bulky and heavy goods.
    • Help users save costs. Because crates are cheap and can be bought easily.
    • Users can make notes on the outside of the box, avoiding lost goods and making it easier to receive goods. 
    • Wide range of sizes and designs to suit different purposes. 
    • The box is made from environmentally friendly materials. Can be reused many times. 

5-layer carton with a variety of designs

  • Disadvantages of 5-layer carton

In spite of 5 layers carton have higher endurance than 3 layers carton. WOMENThe ability to withstand external forces is relatively poor. Therefore, it is easy to collide and damage during transportation if not carefully and carefully prepared.

The barrel is easily affected by high humidity, steam and water. Flammable when exposed to fire.

5. Application of 5-layer carton

5 layers carton used for many different purposes depending on the needs of the user. Can be used to pack storage goods, transport goods, pack for export. Or store electronic devices, moving cartons, etc.  

5-layer cartons are also popular with businesses because they are not only used to store and preserve goods. It is also a very effective branding tool. Businesses can ask the manufacturer to design and print the brand name. Or eye-catching and unique images and slogans to attract more customers' attention.

Application of 5-layer carton

Application of 5-layer barrel

6. Ho Chi Minh City 5-layer carton manufacturing company

LPM currently is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety of carton boxes with all sizes and designs for stores and businesses with wholesale and retail quantities and the most competitive prices on the market today. 

Besides, we also support carton design services according to customer requirements. You can print your brand name, logo, slogan, image, ... with many different sizes and colors.

Especially, LPM is a company that produces and distributes cartons without intermediaries. Therefore, the price of the barrels will be relatively lower than the market price.

Please contact LPM immediately via hotline – for advice and to receive quotes of all kinds. 5 layers carton quality.

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