7 layers carton

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Fragile goods and export goods are always carefully preserved because they are easily bumped and damaged during transportation. Now you can fully use 7 layers carton without fear of the above problems. The box can not only limit the impact but also extremely economical. 

1. What is 7 layers carton?

7 layers carton is a type of carton made from 7 layers of carton paper. Usually designed into a rectangular or square shape. Users can choose the shape of the box according to their needs. 

This type of carton is composed of 7 layers of paper so it can withstand good forces. Avoid collisions and breakages during transportation of goods. Often used to pack export goods, goods with heavy weight, need to be transported far and stacked a lot.

7 layers carton7 layers carton

2. Characteristics of 7-layer carton

The 7-layer carton is designed with 2 outer sides, 3 sine wave layers and 2 flat paper layers in the middle.

  • Outer layer

The outermost layer of paper. They are usually flat and smooth paper printed with logos or necessary information such as brand names, slogans, phone numbers, etc.

  • Middle class

A layer of paper made up of 3 layers of sine wave paper interspersed with 2 layers of flat paper. The other 2 sides of the wave are glued and the top and bottom layers are glued.

The middle wave layers can be single or double waves. Detail:

  • 7-layer corrugated box A

There are 4.7mm thick layers of corrugated paper and the number of waves per 30cm of layer is 33+/-3. Used for special cases, or used to transport goods with large loads, high value.

  • 7-layer corrugated box

There is a height of each layer of 2.5mm thick corrugated paper and the number of waves per 30cm of the layer is 47+/-3. Used for goods with large weight, need to resist impact and high value goods.

  • corrugated 7 layers carton

The height of each layer of corrugated paper is 3.6mm thick and the number of waves per 30cm of the layer is 39+/-3. Used to pack high-volume, heavy-duty and valuable goods.

  • 7-layer corrugated box E

There is a height of each layer of corrugated paper 1.5mm thick and the number of waves per 30cm of the layer is 90+/-3. Used for packing moderate loads.

  • Combined corrugated 7-layer crate

Has a texture of 3 different layers of corrugated paper. Form various types of 7-layer crates. Can be ABC wave, AEB wave, BCE wave, AEC wave, AEE wave, etc.

  • Bottom layer

Is the bottom layer of paper, like the top layer or can be thicker, harder. It aids in supporting the carton more firmly.

3. Common sizes of 7-layer carton

The size of the 7-layer carton depends on the type of product contained inside. 

The 7-layer carton has the following common sizes:

  • 33x32x35 cm
  • 41x30x39 cm
  • 50x40x40 cm
  • 60x40x40 cm
  • 68x38x40 cm
  • 72x40x40 cm
  • 120x50x50 cm
  • ….

7-layer carton of various sizes

7-layer carton of various sizes

4. Advantages of 7-layer carton

  • Good compressive strength

The box is composed of 7 layers of paper. Therefore, the barrel is very thick, highly durable and sturdy. Helps to limit damage to goods caused by transportation.

  • Can hold heavy goods such as fruit, furniture, ceramics, machinery, etc.
  • Minimize packaging and shipping costs

7-layer carton is currently the best choice for packing export goods. Multi-tier stacking is possible and collisions are avoided. 

  • Relatively cheap price

Cartons are popular because they are cheaper than wooden crates and other types of crates.

Packaging costs are also lower. Goods can be wrapped with bubble wrap, tape, etc. These products are extremely cheap.

  • It is an extremely effective brand promotion tool

You can print on the outside of the box your brand names, logos, slogans, images and addresses that are extremely eye-catching and attractive to viewers. Helps to leave an impression and increase brand recognition.

  • Can be reused many times, environmentally friendly
  • Various models and sizes

You can order production according to your needs with many different sizes and designs. 

Application of 7 layers carton

5. Application of 7-layer carton

7-layer carton box is used to pack goods with heavy weight, large size, move far and can be stacked. Such as: industrial machinery, garments, export goods, medical equipment, fragile items, ceramics, etc.

6. The unit specializes in the production of prestigious quality 7-layer cartons

LPM is one of the units specializing in the production and distribution of quality cartons today. With a variety of sizes and designs such as big carton, small, 3-layer, 5-layer carton, ... for you to choose freely.

We always focus on using imported paper from famous countries such as Japan, China, etc. In order to bring the highest quality products to serve the maximum needs of customers.

LPM's staff is ready to advise you on the most suitable type of carton with the most competitive price on the market today.

Contact LPM right away via hotline – or visit the website www.chuyennhalephong.vn for reference types 7 layers carton quality. 

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