White Carton

White carton or white carton box with many preeminent features such as high aesthetics, good printing ability to help increase the value of products and goods packed inside. That's why white cartons are increasingly used today, especially for packaging applications of high-value products.

1. Advantages of white carton

Enhance product value

Goods and products packed in cartons will be more luxurious, polite and eye-catching. Thanks to the ability to print sharp images as well as achieve the aesthetics of white cartons.

Good protection for product goods

Just like other cartons, white carton box has good bearing capacity, good porosity. As a result, the product's goods are packed inside, which can ensure safety during transportation or storage.

Low cost, save cost

The main material of white cartons is paper, so they are cheaper than other types of packaging. Therefore, you can save on packaging costs, especially when you order more cartons, the lower the price.

Easy to pack, carry, arrange for transportation or storage

Packing goods by carton is very simple and easy to do. In addition, thanks to the shape of a square, rectangular block, the carton makes it easier to load, carry or stack goods. As a result, more goods can be transported and stored.

Nature friendly

Cartons are recyclable and also biodegradable because they are made of paper. Therefore, using cartons as packaging will be more environmentally friendly.

White cardboard

2. What to save when buying a white carton?

Understanding the types of white cartons

White cartons have 3 common types divided according to their number of paper layers:

3 layers white carton

This type of box is often used to store products of small size and light weight.

5 layers white carton

This is the most commonly used standard box because it can hold many products. 5-layer carton is also used to pack import and export items.

7 layers white carton

This type of carton has the best quality, ensuring the safety of the goods packed inside. Boxes are often used to pack fragile goods, goods transported long distances.

Carton construction

The structure of the cartons is relatively similar, but the number of paper layers of each type is different:

Outer layer of paper:

This layer of paper is usually flat white paper. The raw materials of this layer are usually of high quality, which is a paper with hardness, gloss and brighter color in order to increase the aesthetics of the product packaged inside.

Middle layers of paper:

3 layers white carton with only 1 layer of corrugated paper. 5-layer white carton includes 2 layers of corrugated paper and 1 layer of alternating flat paper.

The number of paper layers in the middle of the 7-layer white carton is more. Includes 3 types of corrugated paper interspersed with 2 types of face paper.

Bottom layer:

As flat paper or hard paper, waterproof paper helps to increase the supporting role for the product.

Buy lpm white carton box

Understand the corrugated structure of white cartons

Corrugated cardboard has a prominent role such as: dispersion, bearing, ... Depending on the purpose of use, you need to choose the appropriate corrugated carton. The common corrugated paper of the white cartons are:

  • 3-layer crate: Waves B, C, E.
  • 5-layer barrel: Wave BC.
  • 7-layer carton: BCE corrugated.

Feature of popular types of corrugated paper are:

  • Wave A has the best dispersion strength of all wave types. (C wave is less than about 15% and B wave is about 25%).
  • The most popular wave type today is wave C, with the advantages of wave A and wave B.
  • Wave B is a type of wave with good compressive strength and penetration, which is often used in dead white cartons.
  • E-wave is the thinnest type of wave, commonly used for light boxes or packages.

Popular white carton printing technologies

One of the advantages of white cartons is the ability to print beautifully. So understanding the printing technologies will help you order the right white carton production.

There are two technologies on the market today carton printing Common whites are:

Flexo printing technology:

This is the most modern printing technology today. Printing technology achieves high design accuracy and is often applied in large orders. Cartons printed with this technology have true-to-life colors and sharp images.

Silk screen printing cartons

This technology usually applies manual printing method. If you only need a small quantity, you can choose to order white cartons with this printing technology.

3. LPM is a cheap and quality white carton box manufacturer in Ho Chi Minh Citywhite carton

LPM is now one of the production units carton box on request with the cheapest price and best quality in HCMC. Advantages and benefits when ordering white carton boxes at LPM:

  • LPM's carton box factory has a large scale.
  • The staff consists of a well-trained professional consulting group, technical design team, processing and production team.
  • The production line includes machines with the most modern technology.
  • Products are available in various sizes, shapes and structures. With the best-selling carton boxes such as: white carton box with removable lid, white carton box with lid, white carton box with yin and yang, ...
  • Owning many printing technologies, meeting all your white carton box printing needs.
  • Professional production process standard Japan.
  • Production materials are imported from high-grade paper.
  • After being produced, the carton will undergo a glossy lamination process.
  • The final product must meet the quality inspection standards of the new carton to be delivered to the customer.
  • Fast production and delivery time. Meet all wholesale, retail or bulk orders.
  • After the sales process, LPM staff will survey and take care of customers. To ensure that customers buy quality products and have the best experience.
  • Super economical and competitive price in the market.

Customers want to buy white cartons, white carton box Please leave information or contact us immediately for detailed advice and quotation support.

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