Carton box 10x10x8

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  • Size: 10x10x8cm with tassel cover.
  • Packing: Bundle of 50 pieces
  • Uses: Used to pack confectionery, cosmetics, jewelry, electronic components, gift boxes, etc.
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Carton box 10x10x8 with compact size and high bearing capacity. Commonly used in shipping goods packaging and for online shops on e-commerce platforms.

Parameters of carton box 10x10x8

  • Size (Length x Width x Height): 10x10x8 cm with tassel cover
  • Colour: Brown, white or printed according to customer requirements.
  • Paper billet: 3 layers
  • Quantitative: N125.2X105
  • Wave Type: B wave, 1-3mm thick, new 100%.

Application of carton box 10x10x8

  • Carton box 10x10x8 is a type of small carton box, commonly used to pack items such as confectionery, cosmetics, jewelry, electronic components, gift boxes, etc.
  • Very popular in packaging products for online stores on e-commerce sites: Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, etc.
  • Is a common ship cod box suitable for shipping units such as Economical Delivery, Fast Delivery,....
  • Helps protect the product inside firmly. With high bearing capacity, avoid bumps during transportation.
  • Keeping the goods intact to the customer, achieving high aesthetics. Help increase the reputation of the shop in the eyes of customers.

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