Carton box 13x10x8

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Size: 13x10x8cm(covered), wave B, 3 layers

Packing: Bundles of 50 pieces

Uses: Use packing for online stores, with compact goods such as electronic components, gifts, cosmetics, etc.

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Parameters of carton box 13x10x8

  • Cover size (L x Width x Height): 13x10x8 cm
  • Colour: Brown
  • Paper billet: 3 layers.
  • Quantitative: N125.2X105
  • Wave Type: Wave B, 1-3mm thick.

Application of carton box 13x10x8

  • Carton box 13x10x8 cm is commonly used to pack small-sized products such as wallets, cosmetics, USB sticks, chargers, lipsticks, watches, jewelry, small accessories, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Common for online stores to help increase the credibility of the shop for customers.
  • An essential product for packaging products on e-commerce platforms such as Sendo, Lazada, Tiki, Shopee, etc.
  • The product is thick, thick, sturdy, good impact resistance.
  • Cod carton box ensures to meet the standards of delivery units such as Vnpost, Viettel Post, Giao Hang Quick, EMS, Giaohangtietkiem, ...

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