Carton box 15x11x3

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Size: 15x11x3 cm, B wave, 3 layers, tanning

Packing: Bundle of 50 pieces

Uses: A popular cod carton box for storing cosmetics, clothes, accessories, water bottles...

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Standard carton box 15x11x3

  • Dimensions (L x Width x Height): 15x11x3 cm, tare covered.
  • Colour: Brown
  • Paper billet: 3 layers
  • Quantitative: N125.2X105
  • Wave Type: wave B, 1-3mm thick, new 100%.

Application of 15x11x3 . carton box

  • Carton box 15x11x3 cm Commonly used for packing all kinds of goods. Such as:
    • Cosmetics: creams, oils, cleansers, perfumes…
    • Clothing: T-shirt, dress, skirt (rolled up)
    • Accessories: belt, glasses, selfie stick...
    • Bottle of water…
    • Flashlight
    • ….
  • Is an essential product of shop owners selling online on e-commerce platforms such as Lazada, Tiki, Shopee, etc.
  • Carton packing is the safest, most economical and fastest choice. Helps protect products in the box from collisions, breakage during storage or transportation of goods.

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