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Taxi truck is one of the types of freight transport services by truck with a trunk with a load and size that is suitable for the amount of furniture to be moved. Currently, taxi service is a type of service that helps move houses, offices, companies or transport goods from one place to another quickly and conveniently on the market. Should be the first choice of businesses or individuals.

In this service, the lessee is a capable party and the worker can perform the needs of dismantling and installing good furniture, has the ability to calculate the need to use the they only need to use a truck to transport. transport. Usually, customers of this type are transportation service units, such as professional house moving services, office moving services, but have no means of transport or do not have enough transportation capacity.

Although the price of tricycles and tricycles is low, when transporting, it often causes furniture to be bumped. Especially the area of these cars is small, so they can only hold a small amount of furniture. If you want to move a lot of things, you have to rent a few tricycles, the cost will be very high. That's why today, many customers have the need to move houses, move offices instead of renting tricycles, rudimentary cars, they choose truck taxis.

Taxis bring many benefits to customers such as:

– Moving house, moving office by fast and safe taxi.

– Save cost and effort for families and companies

– Moving house by taxi truck without being cut off

– Minimize risks to customers' belongings and assets

  • Fast - prestigious and professional

Taxi load LPM During many years of operation, it has been a trusted address by many customers when there is a need to find a truck to rent for their transportation. It is the professionalism in service, a large fleet of quality trucks, knowledgeable drivers on the road, friendly and polite communication, a variety of vehicle payloads from 500kg, 1 ton 2 ... that have helped us always belong. "Top 10 reputable professional taxi rental companies in Ho Chi Minh City".

With the motto 'Fast, Cheap, Professional, Prestige', whenever you need to rent a truck for the purpose of transporting goods to the province or inner city, moving house, moving office, moving warehouse... Taxi load LPM ready to serve in the fastest time.

  • Always accompany you

Simultaneously with the provision of professional moving services, moving offices, moving warehouses... LPM We also provide you with high quality truck rental options at an affordable and reasonable rental price.

We have seriously invested in equipment and specialized supporting equipment as well as high-quality vehicles with a variety of tonnage such as: Thaco, Suzuki, Hyundai... with a new level of >95%. All of your shipping, house, office moving needs will be met in the most efficient and economical way.

  • Over 700 Truck Heads

Vehicle system LPM are widely distributed throughout the districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, in the fastest time since you register to book a car, we will hand it over so as not to affect the customer's work.

– All cars come from Thaco, Suzuki, Hyundai… with brand new >95%.
Vehicles have regular maintenance and inspection to ensure good appearance.
- The trunk of the car is cleaned regularly, no smell and always clean.

  • Driver support loading and unloading

In addition to the main task of operating the truck during the transportation journey, the driver is responsible for Taxi LPM also always enthusiastic in assisting you in loading or unloading your goods to ensure that everything you move to the safest place.

Not only that, the drivers are always friendly and polite, creating a professional and friendly working style.

Each vehicle tonnage, each vehicle quality, and each transportation distance will have a different price, in order to create convenience for you in choosing the fastest and most economical truck rental option. LPM We would like to send you the price list for renting trucks of all weights for your reference.

  • Taxi trucks go less than 50km.
Range of vehicleVehicle Size10km First11 – 50kmWaiting time
1.2 tons3m x 1.6m x 1.6m450,000 VND20,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
1.4 tons3.4mx 1.65mx 1.6m480,000 VND25,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
2.3 tons3.5mx 1.7mx 1.7mVND 520,00030,000 VND100,000 VND/hour
1.9 tons4.38mx 1.85mx 1.8m550,000 VNDVND 35,000150,000 VND/hour
2.5 tons4.5mx 2m x 2mVND 600,00040,000 VND150,000 VND/hour
2 tons6.2mx 2m x 2m800,000 VNDVND 50,000200,000 VND/hour
  • Taxi trucks travel over 50km.
Range of vehicleVehicle Size51-100km> 100kmWaiting timeSave the night
1.2 tons3m x 1.6m x 1.6m11,000 VND9,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
1.4 tons3.4mx 1.65mx 1.6mVND 12,00010,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
2.3 tons3.5mx 1.7mx 1.7m13,000 VND11,000 VND100,000 VND/hour200,000 VND
1.9 tons4.38mx 1.85mx 1.8m14,000 VNDVND 12,000150,000 VND/hour300,000 VND
2.5 tons4.5mx 2m x 2mVND 15,00013,000 VND150,000 VND/hour300,000 VND
2 tons6.2mx 2m x 2m25,000 VND20,000 VND200,000 VND/hour500,000 VND
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