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Dismantling full-service office in District 3 LPM with the best price in the market


District 3 has always been the center of the city with strong commercial and service development leading to a high standard of living and high service prices. Businesses are hesitating in choosing services dismantling the package office in District 3 reputation and good price? Refer to the Japanese standard office dismantling service LPM with the best price in the market right through the short article below!

   1. Notes when choosing a package office dismantling service.

It can be said that the introduction of the package dismantling service has brought many conveniences to businesses when they need to relocate and return the premises.

 This service can solve all worries about: safe dismantling, cleaning, porting and transporting furniture to a new location, etc., helping each business save a great deal of time, effort and money. cost. Because if you have to hire many professional services, businesses will have to spend a lot of money for each unit, leading to an excessively high budget, affecting finance.

Before hiring an office dismantling service, businesses should note a number of issues such as:

  • Businesses should liquidate unnecessary items and furniture before dismantling so that the work can be done more quickly.
  • Plan the office move clearly in the arrangement and packing to make it easier for the support team to work.
  • Should choose a reputable and quality professional unit, or a unit that can mobilize specialized crane trucks to save maximum time and effort. It is advisable to call directly to express a request to the dismantling unit.
  • Enterprises also need to pay attention to monitor the operation progress of the unit, avoid affecting people around, minimize waste problems, avoid environmental pollution.
  • Should choose a good time frame, convenient for moving furniture without being obstructed by traffic and transportation.
  • Enterprises must carefully read the terms contained in the signed contract, need to be clear about issues such as price, type of service, construction time, .. to avoid arising problems affecting the company. both sides.

There are too many issues you need to pay attention to, but when it comes to the service at LPM, everything is left to LPM worry!

With service dismantling the package office in District 3 professional by Japanese standards, LPM can assist you to complete the decommissioning of the office on schedule. Besides, LPM is also highly appreciated for its ability to serve: 24/7, fast, enthusiastic, good price and has many policies to ensure the interests of customers.

   2. The unit that provides modern, fast and safe Japanese standard office dismantling services in District 3 – LPM.

Unit LPM has been operating for more than 10 years in the transportation industry with dismantling services, returning office premises; moving house; Professional office relocation. More than millions of customers trust and always choose to use the service at LPM.

Come to the service dismantling the package office in District 3 Japanese standards at LPM, professional team will support you every item from easy to difficult to the most perfect.

A large staff with professional knowledge in the field of electricity, water, wood, ... will help businesses handle the following items:

  • Demolishing and dismantling drywall ceilings.
  • Dismantle the glass door walls, tempered glass separating in the office.
  • Dismantle the system of ceiling lights and ceiling fans
  • Dismantle ceiling-mounted air conditioning systems and network wiring systems.
  • Punch walls, peel off wooden floors, peel off carpets, remove glue, clean.
  • Rearrange old office furniture.
  • Move unused items and garbage out of the office.
  • Go back to the old ceiling and floor electrical systems.
  • Re-construct the plaster lines according to the current state to be handed over.
  • Travel network systems, wall systems in general.

Not only professional in handling work, LPM also serve businesses with optimal utilities:

  • 24/7 customer care, answer all comments and suggestions from customers
  • The best service cost in the market, many incentives, commitment with no additional fees.
  • Receipts, legal documents, etc. are processed quickly, ensuring the interests of customers.
  • Policy of compensation and support for the value of goods when damage or incidents occur.
  • New and modern transportation vehicle system.

   3. At which locations does LPM serve dismantling office packages in District 3?

In District 3, LPM We are pleased to serve customers in all wards such as:

  • Ward 1
  • District 2
  • Ward 3
  • Ward 4
  • Ward 5
  • Ward 9
  • Ward 10
  • Ward 11
  • Ward 12
  • Ward 13
  • Ward 14
  • Vo Thi Sau Ward

And at every road in the area:

  • International School 
  • Nhieu Loc Channel      
  • Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
  • Tran Quoc Toan
  • Dien Bien Phu
  • Ky Dong      
  • Nguyen Thien Thuat
  • Tran Van Dang
  • Doan Cong Buu      
  • Le Ngo Cat 
  • Nguyen Thong
  • Truong Dinh
  • Le Quy Don
  • Nguyen Thuong Hien 
  • Truong Quyen
  • Road No. 2
  • Le Van Sy    
  • Nguyen Tri Phuong
  • Truong Sa
  • Ly Chinh Thang      
  • Nguyen Van Mai    
  • Tu Xuong
  • Ly Thai To   
  • Nguyen Van Troi    
  • Vo Thi Sau
  • Nam Ky Khoi Nghia
  • Pasteur       
  • Vo Van Tan
  •  …

   4. LPM . package office dismantling workflow

Here is the professional modern working process of the service dismantling the package office in District 3 or neighboring districts of the LPM team. Customers can consult and use the service with peace of mind.

Step 1: Receive information and addresses of customers through 24/7 communication channels.

Step 2: Schedule a survey appointment and send a specialist to survey the office space to be dismantled.

Step 3: Plan a quote and sign a contract with a partner.

Step 4: Reach a general consensus and proceed with the dismantling of the office according to the set process.

Step 5: Complete dismantling, return to the current state of the premises according to the requirements of the customer.

Step 6: Acceptance, confirm true with the set plan, provide additional support to customers if needed.

Step 7: Liquidate the contract, take care of customers, receive comments and feedback from businesses.

If the business needs to liquidate old furniture products, wooden furniture, ... LPM You can contact the partner units to introduce you to a place to buy good prices.


If the business is still hesitant with the plan to pay for office space, it is costly and time consuming. Then service office dismantling package LPM The solution for business! Professional team LPM will assist you in every stage for the fastest and safest dismantling. Connect with LPM Get instant quotes and surveys!


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