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A5 . carton With a durable 5-layer structure, it always achieves safe performance when transporting. This product is always the first choice for packaging needs, packaging printing, etc. Currently, businesses can find high quality A5 boxes manufactured on Japanese technology lines at good prices. best at LPM.

    1. Structure and main features of A5 . carton

A5 . carton aka 5-layer carton. This type of box is usually produced to pack relatively small goods. They have a common size of 148×210 mm, made from high-grade paper, to ensure robustness.

The material used for production is paper imported from many countries with modern lines to create products with good bearing capacity and high durability. The main structure of each 5-layer carton includes: 2 layers of outer surface paper, 1 layer of paper between 2 layers of corrugated paper and 2 layers of sine wave paper.

For normal products, 3 layers of carton paper will be placed between 2 layers of corrugated paper. But there are also many cases, 5-layer carton will have 2 different types of corrugated paper such as BE wave, BC wave, BB wave, etc. And BE wave is mainly used to minimize production costs. For use cases containing high value, fragile goods, crates are usually constructed from BC waves.

    2. The applications of A5 carton in many fields of production and packaging.

A5 paper cartons are widely used in the packaging of consumer products. With low cost, meeting many user criteria, can hold a variety of goods that A5 crates are increasingly used by businesses.

Made of high quality paper material, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, A5 . carton Packaging is used in many fields such as:

  • Commonly used in packaging and preserving small and medium sized goods such as jewelry, cosmetics, electronics, electronic components, etc.
  • Used for gift wrapping, cosmetic decoration.
  • Used in packaging, printing logos, brands, slogans to help businesses increase brand recognition better.
  • Used in the packaging of transport goods can reduce damage, impact, scratches.

    3. Where to sell high quality A5 cartons with the best prices in the market.

One of the suppliers A5 . carton The most prestigious and quality on the market today - LPM.

Pioneering in bringing high-tech lines from Japan into manufacturing products carton box, LPM bring customers new experiences of outstanding quality on each product.

Besides, LPM also equipped with a carton quality control system from the stage of raw material purchasing to the steps of transportation and delivery to customers.

Not only provide good quality products, LPM also serve customers attentively, most enthusiastic with:

  • Professional, enthusiastic, dedicated team.
  • Receive customer information 24/7, even on weekends and holidays.
  • Transparency and clarity of purchase and sale contracts.
  • New and modern transportation vehicle system.
  • Compensation policy for technical errors, damage if any, ensures the interests of customers.
  • Warehouse system spread in many provinces, LPM Products can be delivered to your destination quickly within the same day.
  • LPM also supply other production support products such as: tape, PE film, air foam film, etc. Japanese quality.
  • Especially, the cost of carton products is cheap, the best in the market and has many incentives for new customers, customers signing long-term supply contracts, etc. LPM Wish to bring good price, suitable for customer's budget.

    4. Outstanding advantages of A5 cartons manufactured by Japanese technology at LPM

Here are the outstanding advantages of the product A5 . carton manufactured on advanced technology lines from Japan at the factory LPM:

  • Good storage capacity, protect goods safely during carrying and moving with high quality kraft paper.
  • Has the ability to limit collisions, good penetration resistance, high durability with a solid 5-layer structure.
  • Paper cartons are diverse in size, with good thickness to help customers easily have the most suitable and convenient choice.
  • Can easily print goods information on the box, or print with modern technologies such as offset, flexo business name, slogan, ... to increase brand recognition.
  • Save money with A5 . carton with products of light weight, medium and small size.
  • Environmentally friendly cartons, do not contain harmful substances and are safe for users.
  • Can be recycled and reused many times.


Businesses can immediately contact LPM to order products A5 . carton Japan quality! Team LPM always ready to support all orders in large or extremely large quantities, quickly and on time. Connection LPM Get more deals today!


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