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Perforated cartons It is a product line that is being loved by many people because of its excellent uses. The value of the goods will be cleverly displayed so that customers can objectively assess the quality inside. In this article, LPM will share the outstanding advantages and price information of this type of barrel.

1. Application of perforated carton in life

Perforated cartons Use a die to make a hole with a suitable position and size on the surface of the paper plate. For the removable lid, the two side handles have a folding design that is very convenient. This is also the most popular model on the market today.

Perforated carton boxes help customers very convenient. They assist in carrying large, heavy loads.

In addition, cartons are also used to promote eye-catching product images. As a result, the product increases its value and can attract more customers. Nowadays, there are many different models on the market. Or models with brand images printed with high aesthetic colors and designs.

Fruit containers are most commonly used in the agricultural industry, to store fruits and vegetables. The perforated box type gives full play to the advantages of helping ventilation and easy storage.

In addition, the box is also used for some garments or food.

Perforated carton for chicken

Perforated carton boxes make it very convenient for customers to move

2. Outstanding advantages of the perforated barrel

In order to increase the features of the barrel in quick and convenient transportation, people often die processing to punch holes. If compared with traditional models, the product has more convenience. This innovative detail will help people ship quickly even with large sizes.

The perforated carton box is popular with many people because of the utility that the product brings to the user. Specifically, the most prominent advantages of this type of barrel are:

  • Promote the company's image to the target audience through technology carton printing along with many unique designs.
  • Easy to transport and save a lot of costs for this stage.
  • Can be stacked in large quantities to save space in trunks and warehouses.
  • Easy to store and store.
  • Cartons are usually made from quality paper materials that help achieve efficient printing. As a result, the products displayed and attracted customers with true images, eye-catching colors.
  • For agricultural products, the product is always dry, not damaged and crushed.
  • Various designs with many different sizes suitable for the storage needs of many types of goods.
  • Thanks to easy image printing, products are packed in perforated cartons that create eye-catching effects, attracting customers' attention. Thereby consumers will remember your products and brand.

Perforated carton for bananas

The product has many outstanding advantages

3. What is the price of perforated cartons?

Perforated cartons are manufactured through a die. Depending on the location and size that the customer wants. In order to create a smooth cut to ensure aesthetics.

The die is a specially made type to perform grooving and laminating for boxes. Usually there are 2 types of square die and round die. They are able to meet the needs of each individual cut.

Because a new mold is required to create the product, the cost will be higher than that of other ordinary cartons. If the number of holes is high, the cost of the mold is high. Since then, the cost of perforated crates has also increased. However, when mass production, the price is cheaper. Thanks to the outstanding advantages from the design, customers still love to use this type of box.

Depending on the type of paper, quality and number of holes, order more or less, the price also has a certain difference. For the most accurate price list, please contact LPM for support.

Perforated carton for fruit

The price of perforated cartons depends on the material and the number of holes

4. Buy perforated cartons at LPM cheap and reputable

LPM is a leading address in the field of manufacturing, designing and distributing wholesale and retail a variety of quality perforated cartons. The price is very reasonable and affordable compared to the market. Customers using our service will receive a lot of benefits:

  • Choose from a variety of models carton box Wholesale, retail, many sizes to meet the diverse needs of customers.
  • Distributing and manufacturing directly, without any intermediaries, so the cost will be much more economical.
  • Can order production, carton printing as required. If you have not selected the correct model of your consultant, LPM will support you completely free of charge.
  • Quick and convenient ordering and payment process.
  • Delivery service delivered to customers on time.

Perforated cartons

LPM specializes in manufacturing, designing and distributing a wide variety of carton boxes

5. Conclusion

Posts on LPM shared about the advantages and some information around perforated carton. The product possesses many outstanding features that bring customers many benefits. If you have any questions or want to buy cartons, please contact us immediately LPM® by phone number or


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