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Seafood is one of the most popular items today. How to preserve them intact, fresh to the user is something manufacturers are particularly interested in. 

Cartons for seafood is one of the solutions chosen by the majority of businesses. Because of its flexibility, ease of use, cost savings and also an extremely effective brand promotion tool.

1. Criteria for choosing cartons for seafood

1.1. Carton with waterproof feature

Almost all frozen seafood is stored in a low temperature environment to ensure it stays fresh. 

Therefore, the carton containing seafood must be waterproof, to avoid water seeping into the paper and tearing the box. This easily causes spoilage, rancid seafood inside.

Moreover, it also helps to protect brand reputation. Because when the goods arrive at the recipient's hands still in intact and fresh condition, customers will trust the brand more.

Cartons specializing in frozen seafood must be designed with 2-3 layers of waterproofing inside. In addition, it is also necessary to have a PE film inside and outside the box to increase the waterproofing ability.

1.2. Carton with full waterproof lining

Currently, on the market of producing seafood cartons, there are two types of pads, that is: full and incomplete waterproof lining.

Usually, during the carton packing process for frozen seafood. Manufacturers often use fully waterproof pads to ensure the best waterproofing in the long run. Create all the best storage conditions, in order to bring to customers the fresh and original products.

Carton for seafood with waterproof lining

1.3. Cartons ensure food safety and hygiene

Currently, frozen seafood products in Vietnam are exported to foreign countries a lot.

In foreign countries, there are very strict regulations on chemical residues on products. Manufacturers must comply with them absolutely if they do not want to cancel orders and reduce brand reputation.

Since cartons come into contact with seafood, these boxes must also be of high quality. The amount of additives to bind as well as increase hardness and whiten the barrel must be handled carefully to avoid danger to users. 

Therefore, businesses need to choose a reputable and professional seafood carton box manufacturer. Make sure the tank does not exceed the chemical residue and ensure the safety of the user as well as protect the brand reputation. 

1.4. Strong carton, good bearing

Seafood cartons require firmness and good compressive strength. To protect the product inside from impact when storing, loading, unloading, transporting by sea, land or air.

To ensure this factor, carton manufacturers often use high-grade paper with many layers, from 5 to 7 layers.

1.5. Cartons have ventilation but are sealed

Seafood is perishable, moldy, and odor-causing items. Therefore, the carton containing this item needs to have ventilation to keep the seafood fresh for a long time. But it also needs to be sealed so as not to cause odors to other goods.

1.6. Cartons have the ability to promote the brand

In addition to the main function of packaging and preserving products. Cardboard boxes also have another special use that is the ability to promote brands. 

You can put custom carton production. Then the logo, image, address, phone number of the business will be designed in layout, color and printed on the box in a harmonious and eye-catching manner. Help attract customers and increase brand awareness.

1.7. Environmentally friendly cartons

The current types of cartons are preferred by manufacturers to use environmentally friendly materials and can be reused many times. This not only helps businesses save costs but also helps protect the environment. 

2. Seafood carton printing technology

2.1. Offset carton printing technology

  • This modern printing technology produces sharp carton products with high image quality.
  • Can print easily and quickly for each print.
  • When printing large quantities and uniformity with offset printing technology, the printing cost will be cheaper.
  • Ink can be adjusted to save on ink costs. Thereby reducing the cost of the product.
  • The printing machines with modern offset technology, all stages are operated automatically and controlled through computers. Thus, shortening processing time and ensuring product accuracy. 

However, offset printing technology is expensive and cannot be printed in small quantities. But it is suitable for small and medium businesses or companies and individuals who want to print beautiful and sharp offset cartons.

2.2. Flexo carton printing technology

  • The quality of carton printing by Flexo technology can print logos, brands, and images in small details while ensuring sharpness.
  • Prints on all materials and different paper materials.
  • Cheaper price than offset carton printing.
  • Products printed with Flexo printing technology will be more beautiful and impressive to help enhance the brand value of businesses.
  • The ink dries very quickly, does not bleed and the ink adhesion is very good.

However, printing cartons with this technology will take longer than offset printing.

Different printing technologies will produce carton products with different colors and lines. This is an extremely effective way to promote your brand. Therefore, businesses should focus on choosing a reputable and quality carton printing company. To be able to convey the information that businesses want to convey to customers most effectively.

Cartons for seafoodPrinting cartons for seafood

3. The company produces quality seafood cartons in Ho Chi Minh City

LPM is one of the companies in the top addresses that many businesses trust and choose. With many years of business experience in the field of supplying cartons. Some of LPM's outstanding cartons are big carton, small, carton 3 layers, 5 layers, 7 layers,… 

LPM always uses safe carton paper, good moisture resistance, good bearing capacity. Committed that our products always meet all requirements and conditions of exporting countries.

We own professional staff, modern production line. You can freely choose from a variety of cartons of various designs and sizes. 

Visit website https://chuyennhalephong.vn/ to see more models cartons for seafood. Or contact us immediately via hotline - for detailed advice and quotation.


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