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Garment products produced in Vietnam are now popular in many countries. For good storage and safe transportation, manufacturers often pack them with Garment cartons

These types of barrels need to fully meet standards such as size, durability, and hardness. To ensure the products are intact and aesthetic when reaching customers. 

1. Types of cartons that can hold garments

1.1. 3 layers carton

3-layer carton is a type of carton composed of 3 layers of cardboard. Includes 2 layers of paper on the outside and a layer of sine wave paper in the middle. 

This type of box is often used to store garments in small quantities and not too heavy.

1.2. 5 layers carton

5 layers carton Made up of 5 layers of carton paper. Consists of 2 layers of corrugated paper in the middle and 3 alternating layers of flat paper. 

These boxes have a high bearing capacity, so they are used to transport relatively heavy and bulk garments.

5 layers garment carton 5 layers garment carton

1.3. 7 layers carton

7-layer carton is made from 7 layers of carton paper, including 3 layers of corrugated paper interspersed with 4 layers of face paper. 

This type of crate has good bearing capacity, can be stacked a lot and transported long distances. Usually used to store large quantities of exported garments.

2. Standard Garment Carton

2.1. Standard size carton for garment packaging

Depending on the quantity and size of the garments inside, the appropriate box size can be selected.

If you are a garment manufacturer and want to pack products for distribution to agents or for export, you should use big carton with dimensions usually 61x45x45 cm. Distributors will use small carton boxes with dimensions of 35x15x10 cm.  

2.2. The strength and stiffness of the carton

Usually, the shipping process of garments usually takes several days or even up to more than half a month. Therefore, the container must be rigid enough to hold the goods inside. 

Moreover, during transportation, the boxes are stacked on top of each other to save space and space. Therefore, the carton needs to be strong enough to withstand the weight of other cartons.

Choosing cartons with sufficient strength and rigidity will help to transport garments to a safer place.  

If you only transport garments in close distance with small quantity, you can choose 3-layer, 5-layer carton. For bulk goods, long distance transportation, you should use 7 layers carton in order to avoid collisions, dents, and aesthetics.

2.3. Resistance and moisture absorption

Usually, Vietnamese businesses often choose sea as the main way to transport garments. Therefore, in order to preserve goods not affected by moisture due to weather or steam, you should choose cartons with good resistance and moisture absorption. Because when steam penetrates into the box, it will seriously affect the quality of the goods inside.

When the product is delivered to the partner intact and beautiful, it will also enhance the brand's reputation. 

Cartons for garments

2.4. Safe chemical criteria

Currently, many countries around the world strictly evaluate the problem of safe chemicals on cartons. Therefore, you need to use quality barrels and ensure compliance with these criteria.

To do that, you need to choose a professional and reputable carton box manufacturer in the market, with modern production technology.

2.5. Beautifully designed carton design, sharp printing

Today, in order to increase the prestige and professionalism of the brand, businesses need to focus on investing in Garment cartons. Because when customers receive goods that are beautiful, attractive, and not distorted, they will appreciate the product quality and brand reputation. From there, consider whether to continue cooperation or not.

Therefore, choosing a company that designs and produces cartons is very important. The box should be made of good quality paper. The outside of the box needs to be printed with sharp, attractive details. This is also an extremely effective way to promote your brand without spending too much. 

Cartons for garments

Cartons for garments with sharp printing

3. Prestigious garment carton manufacturing unit in Ho Chi Minh City

LPM Currently a unit specializing in the production and distribution of products Garment cartons reputation in Ho Chi Minh City. 

With advanced production technology and a team of professional and skilled staff. LPM has cooperated with hundreds of garment companies, garment manufacturing enterprises and is highly appreciated for the quality of cartons.

In addition, businesses can choose from a variety of designs and carton sizes. With modern printing technology on a variety of paper materials, LPM can print beautiful and attractive brand images and slogans to help businesses improve their competitive position in the market. 

If you want to order wholesale and retail and design cartons according to your requirements, you can contact us immediately via hotline - 


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