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Cartons for electronic components


Electronic components are an important and indispensable part in today's electronic circuits and electronic devices. To ensure safe transportation and storage, manufacturers or business units often pack them with cartons for electronic components.

1. Types of cartons that can hold electronic components

The electronic components are put in the carton

3 layers carton

This type of carton has a structure of 3 layers of carton paper. The barrel structure consists of a layer of corrugated paper in the middle that specializes in bearing or dispersing forces. And 2 layers of flat paper around. The 3-layer carton is suitable for small components that are not too heavy in weight. Or store a small number of components.

Some components are usually packed in 3-layer cartons such as diodes, leds, lasers, transistors, resistors, capacitors, inductors, fuse switches, etc.

5 layers carton

This is the most commonly used carton today. With a 5-layer structure including 2 layers of corrugated paper in the middle and 3 alternating layers of flat paper. The box with good bearing capacity can hold relatively large components and can hold many components.

In addition, it is often used to store fragile components such as tube lamps, microwave lamps, etc. Some of the components that are often contained in 5-layer cartons are: integrated circuit boards, plasma screens, electric foot lamps. no, battery, solar cell, thermal battery, superautonomous, sensor, antenna, piezoelectric motor, piezoelectric speaker, microphone, etc.

7 layers carton

This type of carton has the largest thickness in it because it consists of 7 layers of carton paper. The structure consists of 3 layers of corrugated paper interspersed with 4 layers of face paper. With this structure, components when placed in the box will always be safe.

Because it has the best bearing capacity, the box can hold most electronic components. Boxes are often used to store large packages for export and import of components. Or used to distribute to agents, distributors.

2. Note when buying cartons for electronic components

Carton Size

The current carton size can meet all the needs of business units. With units as suppliers, manufacturers often choose large sized cartons to distribute to agents. Dealers often use smaller cartons to supply stores or units that need to buy components.

Common carton sizes are: carton box 60x40x40 cm, 40x40x40 cm, 18x4x6 cm, 20x20x10 cm, etc. In addition, you can order cartons with the required size at carton factories such as LPM.

cartons for electronic and computer components

Carton printing technology

In addition to containing electronic components, cartons also play an important role in brand marketing on product packaging. This is a marketing solution used by many businesses. Because the efficiency is much higher than the cost.

That is also why the printing on the carton packaging is so important. There are two popular printing technologies today: Offset carton printing technology and Flexo carton printing technology.

Offset carton printing technology

This is the most modern printing technique today. The cartons printed with this technology will have sharp, realistic images and highly aesthetic colors. Ink is pressed in turn onto rubber sheets, then pressed onto cartons.

This printing technology is often applied to valuable and expensive components or businesses that want to invest a lot in brand image.

Flexo carton printing technology

This printing technology applies embossed ink printing on carton paper. The ink will be put on the anilox roller, then red into the small box on the print axis, the printing molds are photopolymer plastic plates. Flexo printing is usually cheaper than Offset and ensures the print quality is not inferior.

Thanks to the fast printing speed, it is suitable for printing basic patterns. Some information is printed such as logo, business name, phone number, .. and usually printed in bulk.

Choose a reputable supplier

To buy carton box Good price and quality, you should carefully research the supplier. You should find and compare at least 2 to 3 companies before proceeding to order cartons for electronic components.

The factors you can evaluate the unit specializing in cartons such as: having clear business information, having a brand name, phone number and address, having a clear working process and pricing policy, having a contract and invoice,…

Cartons for electronic components

3. LPM is a manufacturer of low-cost and high-quality carton boxes for electronic components in Ho Chi Minh City

LPM is one of the most reputable carton box suppliers in Ho Chi Minh City today. LPM has become a reliable partner of many trading and manufacturing units of electronic components, computer components, and phone components.

Owning a team of experienced professional staff along with modern production lines. LPM capable of providing cartons with various sizes and designs. Besides, you can buy pre-printed cartons with Offset or Flexo printing technology.

Do you want to buy wholesale, retail or order production according to bulk requirements? cartons for electronic components Please leave information or contact us immediately for advice and quotation support and many attractive discounts.


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