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Washing machines are high-value electronic products and are ranked as one of the most susceptible to damage in transit. Therefore, manufacturers pay great attention to preserving this product in a safe and intact way to customers. 

Carton box for washing machine is the most optimal solution to ensure the safety of the washing machine during transportation. It not only helps to limit the impact when transporting, but also an extremely effective brand promotion tool.

1. Benefits of using cartons for washing machines

The box is resistant to impact, limiting impact

Washing machines are perishable electronic products. If it is bumped or dented during transportation, the machine may be damaged and cannot be used. Therefore to ensure the machine is intact and fully functional. Manufacturers and distributors often use cartons to pack them. 

Carton for washing machine is composed of many layers of paper. Make sure and limit bumps during transportation. 

Bins come in a variety of sizes to meet all needs

Nowadays, technology is more modern, human needs are also increasing. Manufacturers of washing machines also produce many types of machines with different sizes. 

Therefore, the washing machine carton is also designed in a variety of designs and sizes. Washing machine manufacturers may require a variety of bin sizes, from small to large, even oversized products.

Environmental friendliness

The specialized cartons for washing machines are manufactured by environmentally friendly materials. Users can reuse them to store other goods or make children's toys. 

Carton for washing machine LPM

Carton box for washing machine

Reasonable price

The carton has a very strong structure from light-weight paper material, saving costs for washing machine manufacturers. 

Therefore, when ordering cartons, you should choose a reputable manufacturer and have many preferential discounts when buying in bulk.

An effective marketing tool

Due to the carton made of paper material,. Therefore, it is easy to print images, brand names, phone numbers, etc. with many different techniques. Create a type of carton that specializes in packing washing machines with harmonious and sharp colors. Makes product descriptions easy as well as an extremely effective branding tool that is also cost-effective. 

To convey information in the best way to users as well as potential customers. You need to find a professional printing and carton design unit. With a team of professional staff and modern techniques, we will create the best printing quality washing machine carton.

2. Features of the carton for washing machine

The main material that makes a washing machine container is carton paper. This type of carton is usually composed of many layers of corrugated paper 3 layers, 5 layers or 7 layers. 

However, with washing machines, they are quite heavy and bulky, so they are often chosen by businesses 5 layers carton and 7 classes. Due to its suitable hardness, reasonable price and high quality. With a 3-layer box, it will be used for electronic devices that are lighter in weight and not too bulky.

Most of the carton products specializing in packing washing machines have materials imported from famous countries such as Thailand, China, etc. So the paper quality is very good, ensuring the safety of the goods inside. 

Packaging is treated with PE, UV, PP matt and embossed coating technologies. Helps the box to always be waterproof, durable in color printing and not scratched during transportation. 

Carton box for washing machine

3. Technology of printing cartons for washing machines

Print cartons with Flexo . technology

With this printing technology, the ink color will be applied directly to the carton through embossed ink. This technology gives fast printing speed, low cost compared to Offset. Customers who need to print in large quantities will save a lot of money. 

Print cartons with Offset technology

Offset printing can produce the sharpest and most realistic prints. Finished products have beautiful designs, colors, luxury and high aesthetics. Contribute to the brand reputation of the business. 

This modern printing technology is favored by many big brands because of its sharp, beautiful images. Create high value for the product. 

Cartons with sharp printing

4. Where to buy quality washing machine cartons?

LPM is one of the professional and prestigious carton box manufacturers in the market today. We specialize in providing carton box for washing machine, 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer carton with diverse designs and sizes. 

LPM owns a professional staff with many years of experience in designing, manufacturing and printing all kinds of cartons. To provide customers with high quality, sharp, durable products at extremely competitive prices on the market today.

For advice as well as wholesale and retail quotes of all kinds carton box at LPM. Please contact hotline - Or visit the website https://chuyennhalephong.vn/ to see more quality bin samples.


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