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Refrigerators are a relatively high value electronic product. Therefore, the transportation of the refrigerator also needs to be paid more attention. You need to use type carton box for refrigerator quality, ensuring the certainty to protect the product in the best way. Avoid damage to components during transportation. 

1. Features of Refrigerator Carton

Main materials made up carton box for refrigerator it's paper and cardboard. These types of paper are usually 3 ply, 5 ply or 7 ply corrugated board. 

However, refrigerator products are often heavy and bulky, so they are usually manufactured from 5-layer and 7-layer paper. Because of it they have suitable rigidity and reasonable price. 

The packaging of the refrigerator carton is treated with PE, UV, PP coating technologies, matt and embossed. Helps the box to always keep its waterproof ability, durable printing color and not scratch or dented during transportation. transfer. 

These types of crates are usually composed of 4 types of waves, A, B, C, E, in order to create undulating grooves to reduce impact during transportation.

Cardboard box for refrigerator

2. Advantages of cartons for refrigerators

Refrigerator cartons are usually made of environmentally friendly materials. This reduces the amount of waste and is safe for users. 

These types of boxes are large in size, so you can reuse them to serve in moving houses, liquidating products when needed, etc., extremely economical, safe and convenient.

Each type of box is made from different types of paper, and the cost is different. Cartons designed with 5-layer and 7-layer paper usually cost more than 3-layer cartons. 

Cartons can be designed according to customers' requirements. You can print logos, slogans, brand names on the box. To increase corporate brand awareness.

You can print colors on the cartons with offset printing technology. Create beautiful, attractive colors and enhance brand value with consumers.

carton box for refrigerator

Cardboard box for refrigerator

3. Criteria for choosing cartons for refrigerators

Refrigerators need to be transported and stored properly. To avoid damage to internal components and external appearance. 

Therefore, the carton for the refrigerator must be sturdy, firm and ensure maximum safety for the products inside. 

On the other hand, the cost of the refrigerator is also relatively high, so the stage of choosing the refrigerator container must be really meticulous and careful.

Besides, the box also needs to be printed with the company's logo and brand in a beautiful way and show the brand value.

Therefore, your business needs to choose reputable and quality manufacturing companies in designing and printing product boxes. To show the best professionalism and enhance the value of your business. 

Some basic criteria for choosing refrigerator cartons:

  • Good resistance to moisture and hygroscopicity according to regulations.
  • Waterproof and will not rot during transportation.
  • Raw materials for the production of barrels are free of harmful substances, safe and do not affect the health of users.
  • The material needs to be environmentally friendly and can be reused many times.
  • Should choose 5-layer, 7-layer carton to ensure firmness and rigidity. Avoid distorting, bumping during the transportation of the refrigerator. 

carton box for refrigerator

Cardboard box for refrigerator

4. Where to buy cartons for refrigerators?

LPM is a company specializing in designing, manufacturing and distributing all kinds of cartons with competitive prices on the market today. Including refrigerator cartons, small and large cartons; 3 layers carton, 5 layers, 7 layers,….

The carton products provided by LPM are made up of quality paper imported from Japan, China, Thailand, etc., so they can be sure of their strength and withstand high loads.

Especially we use Offset and flexographic printing technology. Create products with harmonious, beautiful colors and best represent the brand value of your business.

With a variety of models and sizes, we ensure to meet the maximum demand for cartons of your business.

For advice and detailed quotation of cartons in general and carton box for refrigerator in particular. Please contact hotline or 


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