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Among the types of cartons, there is a special type of box used to pack and preserve fragile products such as glassware, ceramics, fine art,... bulkhead carton. This specially constructed case can help keep your goods safe at a very reasonable cost. 

1. What is bulkhead carton?

Carton boxes now have many types, in which bulkhead carton is a general type used to package and protect fragile products. For example, ceramic, porcelain, fine art, glass, etc. 

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2. Structure of bulkhead cartons

The bulkhead carton is composed of 3 basic layers of paper. These are the top layer, the middle layer and the bottom layer. The paper that makes up the box can be corrugated A, B, C, E, etc.

  • Surface layer: it is the outermost layer, considered the face of the barrel. This layer is usually yellow, smooth, beautiful and bright. 
  • Middle layer: these are flat sheets of paper made up of layers of corrugated paper with grooves and gaps to create rigidity for the carton as well as divide the distance for the product inside.
  • The bottom layer is the bottom layer. There is a bearing effect of the partition and the product during transportation.

3. Uses of bulkhead cartons

  • Divide the box into small boxes to store many products to avoid breakage during transportation such as pottery, glass, wine bottles, eggs, etc.
  • Using partitions to divide into cells saves box space and reduces packaging and transportation costs.
  • This is the best way to preserve fragile goods in transit.
  • Products are protected separately and do not affect other products.

This type of barrel is commonly used in export industries, electronics industry, leather and footwear industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc. 

Partition cartons

4. Types of bulkhead cartons are commonly used today

Cartons for ceramics and porcelain

Similar to glassware, household products are often composed of ceramic materials such as cups, plates, flowerpots, etc. You should also use cartons to store them. However, you can wrap them with a thin layer of carton before putting them in the carton to better preserve them. 

When lifting fragile products such as glassware and ceramics, you need to be gentle to avoid breakage. Do not add heavy items to the crate and secure them in a secure place in the vehicle during transport. Should be equipped with anti-slip, anti-shock system for the vehicle.

Cartons for eggs

As you know, chicken eggs, duck eggs, etc. are extremely fragile products. Therefore, manufacturers are always looking for the best way to protect them during transport and storage. 

The bulkhead carton is the perfect choice to solve the above problem. Eggs will be guaranteed intact to consumers. 

Cartons for wine

The type of carton that specializes in wine storage is usually strong and durable. Therefore it is usually a 5-layer carton. Due to the structure of 5 layers of carton paper, it is very sturdy, can withstand force and good impact. Helps preserve wine bottles intact during transport.

For products that are transported long distances or exported, 7-layer cartons are usually used. Because this type of box has a very strong and sturdy structure. 

Alcohol products are often high value. Therefore, the wine carton is also paid special attention. Boxes are often printed with advanced technology with sharp, attractive images and harmonious and attractive colors. 

You should book custom carton production has an outer layer of glossy Bristol paper. Because this paper when printing can be beautiful and smooth. This is also an extremely effective way to promote your brand.  

Corrugated cardboard boxes for wine storage

Cartons for wine

Cartons for glassware

Nowadays, glass products are very popular due to their high aesthetics and show the luxury and class. Besides, they also affect the health of users like plastic. 

However, they are very fragile by external impacts, especially during transportation. Therefore, bulkhead cartons are the optimal solution to help protect fragile glassware from shocks during transportation.  

5. Quality carton manufacturing company in Ho Chi Minh City

LPM is one of the reputable and good quality carton box manufacturing companies with highly qualified and professional staff. 

In addition, LPM also produces a variety of other types of cartons such as: small carton box, 3-layer, 5-layer carton, carton for garment, refrigerator, gas stove, ...

You can order the design and manufacture of cartons upon request. Our staff can advise and assist you in determining the box size as well as the layout and printing colors for the best and most effective.

Customers can visit the website to refer to the samples bulkhead carton quality. Or contact us via hotline - for advice. 


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