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The piano is an extremely valuable and valuable instrument. Each guitar carries a great spiritual meaning for the owner. Besides, the piano is large and bulky. So it's very unlikely piano shipping quickly and safely each.

Understand the hearts of customers, the company LPM launched a piano delivery service. Helping customers feel secure whenever they need to move their "brainchild".

Shipping piano

The piano removal service can transport all types of pianos:

  • Shipping electric piano.
  • Transporting an acoustic piano.
  • Shipping Piano Upright.
  • Shipping Grand Piano.


lpm piano delivery service

More than 10+ years of experience

LPM is a pioneer in providing piano relocation services according to Japanese standard procedures in Ho Chi Minh City. Ensure fast, safe transportation with economical cost.

With years of experience, we know each type of piano well and are capable of handling the most difficult terrains. We are committed to compensate 100% piano value if any damage occurs during transportation.

Professional staff

The staff of LPM Professionally trained with many years of experience. Guaranteed to transport the piano in the fastest and safest time. Technical staff need to have certain knowledge about the structure of the herd.

The staff is equipped with certain techniques. In addition, employees are always skillful, experienced in handling unexpected situations. Make sure not to affect the bar system inside the flock.

Shipping piano lpm
Piano delivery service

Modern equipment

In order to meet the needs of safe and fast transportation, LPM Use transport aids such as tilt support straps. PE film, carton, specialized blanket to pack the piano.

In addition, there are many other supporting equipment such as: pulley hoist, crane hook, forklift, transport vehicle, ...


If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Piano is one of the most popular musical instruments today. This device is a great choice for parents who want to foster their children's musical talent.

Because of the huge size and weight, every time they need to transport the piano, families face many difficulties such as:

  • In the process of moving, the instrument is very easily damaged or scratched.
  • The piano is mainly made of wood, so it is very heavy. It takes a lot of people to be able to participate in the transport. If there is not enough manpower, the transportation process will be very disadvantageous.
  • In the case of a broken instrument, it can be difficult to find a skilled repairman. If you can't fix it, you will have to spend a lot of money to buy a new guitar.
  • When moving the piano, it is also necessary to equip certain knowledge. In order not to affect the quality of the herd.

It is for the above reasons that the piano delivery service was born. Using the herd transport service will help customers both save effort, time, and ensure the quality of the herd during the move.

Shipping piano is one of the most difficult and complex jobs. Not only that, but pianos are pretty great value. If not well prepared will cause serious damage to the herd.

LPM always proud to be a reputable unit in the field of transportation in Ho Chi Minh City. Especially the herd transport. We have a team of skilled staff who have extensive experience in piano relocation. It is an address that has received the trust of thousands of partners in recent years. Ensure all customer needs are met.

Service piano shipping of the company LPM committed to bringing customers practical utilities such as:

  • Competitive low price, guaranteed no extra charges after signing the contract.
  • LPM have a reasonable after-sales regime for customers using the service.
  • Friendly staff, free advice. Ready to support, answer questions whenever customers need.
  • Absolutely guarantee the quality of the herd. Minimize damage to the herd.
  • During shipping, your flock will be LPM Packed securely and safely.
  • The process of moving an acoustic or electric piano is very simple. Help customers have the easiest service experience.
  • The contract is transparent and clear. Clearly state the benefits and responsibilities of both parties.
  • Committed to being shipped in the shortest time and delivered on time agreed with the customer.
  • In case the herd quality is affected. LPM would like to take full responsibility and compensate 100% value of the piano.

When using services at the company LPM, customers just need to entrust the herd to us. All the remaining work from packing, loading and unloading to shipping will be handled by our staff LPM perform.

The problem that many customers are most concerned about is the shipping cost when using the service. In LPMThe company has a very reasonable price. Always cheaper than the competitive price in the market from 20-30%.

The cost of shipping pianos and other musical instruments at LPM will depend on many different factors:

  • The piano that needs to be switched is Grand Piano or Upright.
  • How is the shipping route? Long or short distance?
  • Does it have to be transported upstairs or not?…

Therefore, to know the exact price piano shipping. Please contact LPM immediately for specific advice.

Besides, LPM also provide services package moving house helps you plan, disassemble, pack and ship all the furniture in your home, especially bulky items like Pianos.

With the principle of operating based on the interests of customers. LPM has quickly become one of the addresses trusted by many partners for a long time. If you have a need piano shipping, please contact the hotline of LPM for support and advice as soon as possible.


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