Shock Resistant Foam Film – 1m4 x 100m

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  • Uses: Shockproof support for fragile goods, furniture, export goods.
  • Specification: 1m4 high and 100m long plate.
  • Roll weight: ~ 7kg
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Produced from Polyethylene plastic beads originating from Malaysia, the 1m4 air foam film has a clear, tough and soft, high elasticity. Air bubble particles are evenly distributed on the surface to help prevent shock and reduce collisions for goods.

Product Details Shock Resistant Foam – 1m4 x 100m

Roll of foam film 1m4 x 100m is one of the products suitable for packing large goods such as furniture, transporting motorbikes, packing export goods, etc....

With a roll height of 1m4 and a length of 100m, a relatively large roll will save on use.

Consumers can cut and paste, process them into smaller sizes to suit their needs.

Delivery Policy Shock Resistant Foam Film – 1m4 x 100m

After receiving the order, the company will arrange delivery and will try to complete within the day for districts in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and the maximum time is 2 days for orders located as far as suburbs. , the edge of the city.

Besides, 1m4 x 100m burst foam film is quite cumbersome, more difficult to transport, but you can rest assured to come to LPM because that problem will be solved, support delivery as quickly as possible.

LPM – “Dedicated service whether you are a retail customer or buying in bulk”, we always accompany you to serve you in the most dedicated – thoughtful way possible.

Buying Information Shockproof Foam Film – 1m4 x 100m

The use of porous membranep dryI pack goods for online stores, shipping units are essential. LPM is a trusted place for customers to choose with confidence and we are committed to Japanese quality products that will be exactly what you need to buy.

We appreciate your purchase choice!


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