When closing fixed goods, if you want to keep them from falling out, you need to use them tape. Their use is very common, but the most common is to help keep the contents inside the packaging safe.

So how to classify duct tape? What is the ordering process like? What information do you need to know to choose the right type?. All of the above questions will be answered LPM Answer in the article below.

1. Tape Overview

Composition of duct tape

Adhesive tapes are also known as adhesive tapes, they are manufactured from two main materials, which are adhesives and adhesives. Most raw materials are imported from abroad and reprocessed into complete rolls.

The main components of the adhesive are usually polymer films: plasticized PVC, BOPP (there are different types of Duct tape) and polyester, etc.


Adhesive tape is often used to increase the strength of cartons, or product packages to ensure their safety during transportation. In addition, they are also often used to wrap and glue many different items.

Tape overview


Adhesive tape is cheap, easy to attach and remove. They are usually very durable, and come in a variety that can withstand heat, water, and a variety of environments. Adhesive tape can be pasted on many product surfaces, many materials with different sizes.

2. Types of popular adhesive tapes and their applications

Tape in opaque

This type is aesthetically pleasing when gluing materials. Clear tape is often used to glue cartons when packing business goods, or selling goods online.

Tape in opaque

Cream paper tape

This tape is sprayed with a dissolving adhesive on the surface of the tape. Paper Tape Cream colors are commonly used for notes and are often found in grocery stores, utility stores, or stationery stores, ..
In addition, paper tape is also used in the field of wall painting, car painting, ..

Paper Tape

Fragile packing tape

This type of tape is often used in shipping to mark cartons packed with fragile items.

Fragile tape

Double-sided tape

This is a popular type of tape that can be used to connect 2 items at 2 ends. They are often used in offices. Or in schools for students to do crafts,…

Two-sided tape

Waterproof tape

This is a specialized type, which is water resistant. Waterproof tape Often used in constructions or places that need to prevent leaks, rain, etc.

Waterproof tape

Foam tape

Foam tape often have high adhesives, often used in construction, especially in the construction of advertising signs.

Foam tape

Colored Tape

This tape is available in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colors that can be used for decorative bonding. In addition, they are also commonly used in the garment industry or export goods. They are used to mark cargo boxes for batching and classifying goods.

Colored Tape

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3. Instructions on how to distinguish the types of adhesive tapes

Adhesive tapes are classified according to various criteria such as classification by adhesive, coating material, use or size of the material. The most common material is OPP or the type used to pack the goods.

Specifically, you can categorize each method as follows:

  • Adhesive tapes are classified by material with types such as OPP, simili, cloth, paper, foam, fiberglass. Depending on the needs of use, the customer chooses the appropriate type.
  • Sort by function of each type for office use, box sealing, sealing, binding, double-sided adhesive, background, decoration, silver tape.
  • Sort by roll size: 0.5 F, 1 F, 1.5 F, 1.2 F, 2.5 F, 5F, 7 F.
  • Sort by length: 18Y, 24Y, 25Y, 70Y, 80Y, 100Y.

Classification of adhesive tapes

4. What is the selling price of adhesive tape?

The price of the tape will be based on the quantity of the order and the shipping address. There is also a policy of cooperation between the two sides of the manufacturer and the customer. Depending on different types of rolls such as small dsinh tape, clear tape or paper tape, etc., the price will vary but range from 14,000 VND or more depending on the type. To know the detailed selling price of each type by quantity, you can contact the consultant directly.

5. A reputable, cheap place to sell adhesive tapes

LPM is one of the addresses that provide tape prestige and quality in the city. Ho Chi Minh City today. We accept and ship orders nationwide. The fast Japanese standard working process with professional consultants will surely satisfy customers:

  • Top quality products, diverse models and sizes for you to freely choose according to your needs.
  • Fast, professional shipping service ensures to reach customers on schedule.
  • Customer support consultation is completely free.
  • There are often attractive promotions to help customers save a lot of money.
  • Products are sold at the original source without intermediaries, so the prices are competitive and reasonable.

Address of production and supply of adhesive tapes

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6. The process of ordering tape at LPM

Products are being sold in a variety of markets. LPM provides a large number of products for both businesses and individual customers. Below is the ordering process at our company:

Step 1: Customers contact LPM's consultant to provide information about the product you want to buy, quantity and exact delivery address.

Step 2: Sales staff send wholesale quotes to customers or retail prices based on your request via zalo or email.

Step 3: Customers agree that if they agree and want to buy, we will start creating orders. In the case of large quantity orders, a deposit is required in advance.

Step 4: Start production, delivery and payment.

Step 5: The company sends an electronic invoice to the customer after the customer pays.


Above LPM shared all the information about the tape such as classification and characteristics, notes when buying. Hopefully with that information, customers can choose for themselves the right type

As one of the leading units in the field of packaging and packaging. The products produced here always ensure quality standards with reasonable and super competitive prices in the market. Customers want to buy tape types please contact LPM for detailed advice and quotes.


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