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Le Phong Moving is one of the leading units in office repair services, dismantling and transporting offices, returning prestigious and professional office premises today. With more than 10 years of experience and a team of highly skilled staff, Le Phong Moving will help dismantle and return the premises quickly and conveniently.

Compared to doing it yourself, hiring a dismantling, cleaning service to return the premises will save you a lot of time, effort and cost. Service land return including:
– Demolition of ceiling, drywall and re-construction.
- Remove the glass wall, surrounding glass door.
- Remove wooden floors, carpets quickly.
– Remove ceiling lights, air conditioners, network wires.
– Transport construction waste out of the building.
– Go to ceiling electrical systems, floor electricity, air conditioners, network wires.
- Drilling holes in the wall, repainting the wall.
– Industrial cleaning of floors, floor tiles

More than 10+ years of experience

Le Phong Moving with more than 10 years of working experience, especially in the field of dismantling and returning office space. We will quickly help you process the job quickly to go back to use right away.

During the dismantling process, Le Phong Moving commits not to cause any damage or loss of equipment. With experience in construction of many different large and small projects in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces, we will bring customers absolute satisfaction.

Professional staff

Dismantling and returning office space requires a diverse team of workers, covering many different fields. Le Phong Moving owns a team of staff and technicians who have many years of experience in the fields of construction, electricity, water, carpentry, construction, dismantling, etc., so they will ensure the progress of the work. for you.

Besides, Le Phong Moving's staffs are enthusiastic, dedicated and thoughtful, so they always do their best for the job, helping customers' work be done quickly, saving maximum time. time and cost.

Cost, Competitive Price

Le Phong Moving provides dismantling services, returning office space at an affordable and competitive price in the market, so customers can save a lot of costs.

Before starting the work, we will conduct a survey, plan and quote details in the work contract. With the consent of the customer, Le Phong Moving will start implementing. The amount you need to pay will be exactly as in the previous contract, absolutely no costs incurred.


This is a picture of the working activities of Le Phong Moving staff during the implementation of projects to return office space to client partner companies.


If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Construction, dismantling and returning the ground This is not an easy job for many businesses or families because of the time and cost issues of this reimbursement. If you have a need to dismantle to return the ground, you need a method of dismantling the work so that it is professional, safest, and easier than you can ask. dismantling service return office space. Most reputable companies often accept demolition works such as:

  • Demolition and repair of apartments and offices.
  • Demolish all houses.
  • Factory demolition.
  • Demolition of works and projects.
  • Digging foundation, breaking foundation, transporting waste.

In order not to take too much time, please refer to the dismantling and ground return services, customers can contact them directly or the office of Le Phong Moving company to receive the most dedicated advice. .

Site return construction is the work of demolishing part or all of old construction works that are unsafely degraded or the use purpose is no longer suitable to clear the ground for the construction of new works for the purpose of living.

Are you in need? demolition works Old house or moving your office? You need to find a way to demolish the building so that it is safe, does not affect adjacent buildings and buildings, does not generate risks, along with reasonable costs, it will surely cost you. plenty of time to learn and worry. With professional units, they will help you make Construction and demolition solutions to ensure safety, mobility and economic efficiency.

Are you worried about your safety? demolition works; Security for human life. If hiring teams of freelancers, they do it carelessly and have no legal guarantee?

With Le Phong Moving – a company with many years of experience in this field, we always set the working motto: The greatest success for each demolition project is SAFETY of people and property.

Le Phong Moving is a leading unit in office repair services, professional and prestigious office dismantling services. With a staff of many years of experience in dismantling and returning the ground, we will help you forget about the worry of dismantling the wall partitions, aluminum and glass walls, drywall, smashing, dismantling the electrical system, internet, telephone, cleaning up debris, painting water; repair doors, make plaster ceilings, partitions, clean floors...

  • Guarantee the most reasonable and competitive price
  • Commitment to ensure safety for people and works.
  • Constructed by skilled teams, technical staff with many years of experience.
  • Ensure environmental hygiene.
  • Ensure on schedule, shorten the construction time and put into operation and use soon
  • Guarantee the most reasonable and competitive price.
  • Commitment to ensure safety for people and works.
  • Constructed by skilled teams, technical staff with many years of experience
  • Ensure environmental hygiene.
  • Ensure on schedule, shorten the construction time and put into operation and use soon.

Price list for ground return service in HCMC

With many years of experience in the field demolition and return of office premises, we always want to bring to our customers the convenience of service quality and professionalism from our unit. Coming to Le Phong Moving, customers will see a scientific, professional working style, prestigious and fast service with extremely competitive cost.

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