Le Phong Moving temporary warehouse for rent short-term with super-saving price, many incentives with professional management process. In order to serve the needs of storing goods and belongings of individuals and businesses in a short time or simply consigning during the time of moving house, moving company.

Save time and manpower

Le Phong Moving's team of experts can train and transfer on the management and operation of warehouses in a professional style.

Well located

High quality Le Phong Moving storage system with many warehouse sizes with different areas from 50m2 to 10,000m² to meet the storage needs of many businesses. In addition, the location is convenient for trucks to load and unload, distribute goods to different areas.

Warehouse for rent

Cost savings

Le Phong Moving provides services at a reasonable and competitive cost to ensure financial benefits for customers. With the criterion of bringing the most perfect experience to customers.

High security

Professional security force serving 24/24. Along with modern management monitoring equipment: cameras, fire protection equipment systems meet strict technical standards.



If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


With storage service at Le Phong Moving, the price mainly depends on the size and quantity of your goods to be stored. Self-managed warehouses with small sizes will be cheaper than warehouses with large sizes such as 50m2 or more. Please contact hotline 09 69 69 69 80 to have our professional staff assist you as quickly as possible.

All warehouses of Le Phong Moving have a suitable geographical location, spacious and convenient with both waterway and road transport routes. We always look forward to cooperating and meeting your warehouse needs, helping you have the best experience when using all services at Le Phong Moving.

Le Phong Moving specializes in providing warehouse rental services, storage services, temporary warehouse rental services .. with the best cost.


Le Phong Moving's warehousing service always ensures maximum benefits for customers, limiting risks for individuals and businesses to help you feel secure in using the service.


Some common standards for professional storage service providers are consulted by experts such as:

  • The warehouse has many different areas, in order to provide many service packages suitable for the volume of goods of partners.
  • Clean ceramic tile background; The wall is built solidly to ensure absolute security; The warehouse wall has a ventilation fan system to ensure that your goods are not moldy or damaged during storage.
  • The warehouse ceiling is covered with solid plaster, cool, dry and airy. Installation of lightning protection and anti-static electrical systems. Be sure to be safe when using heat-generating appliances.
  • There is a technical process on fire prevention and fighting in accordance with reality at the warehouse.
  • There are security guards and CCTV system 24/24. There is a team to clean the warehouse regularly. Anti-insect, periodic mold, …
  • Convenient location, convenient transportation infrastructure, trucks and containers are easy to load and unload, distribute goods to different areas in the city or export to the provinces.
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