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The main feature of the safe is its extremely large volume. Depending on the type of safe, it will weigh from a few hundred kilograms to tons. Therefore, the shipping safes requires to be done carefully, accurately by the support from machines and people. LPM is a company specializing in providing safes transportation services in Ho Chi Minh City. Committed to satisfying every customer.

With many years of experience in the market, LPM receive transportation, relocation of all types of safes in the area of Ho Chi Minh City. Here are some typical types of safes:

  • Corporate office safes.
  • The safe at the gold shop.
  • Safes at major banks.
  • Family safe.
  • Large door safe at the treasury.
  • Specialized bookcases in industrial parks
  • Super weight safes at units producing gems, diamonds, etc.


Skilled and professional staff

LPM's employees are well-trained, healthy and resilient. Has many years of experience in transporting bulky, large-sized applications and assets. Therefore, they can handle situations skillfully, easily transporting the safe across all types of terrain. Minimize problems when moving. Ensure labor safety.

Using modern and specialized machinery and equipment

LPM Fully equipped with advanced equipment to provide maximum support for staff during transportation such as: trolley, tricycle, trolley, trailer, etc.

Not only that, our company also owns a truck system with lifting tables, cranes, mobile trucks. Ready to serve the needs of customers on schedule.

Consulting, enthusiastic service 24/7

Service shipping safes of the LPM works throughout the day. Ensure timely response to customer's transportation and safe deposit needs. Including weekends and public holidays.

Customer care hotline is available 24/7, ready to answer any questions. The staff is friendly, enthusiastic, passionate, enthusiastic, always dedicated to the job.


If you need to consult and quote the service of returning the current state of your company's office, please fill in the following information immediately, so that the staff can contact you right away.


Service experience shipping safes in LPM, customers will get the best price, always cheaper than the competitive price in the market. After the contract is signed, there will be no costs incurred.

In case the customer's property is damaged or damaged. LPM will bear 100% responsibility. Besides that, LPM will provide special preferential prices with high discounts if customers need to transport other types of goods.

Step 1: Receive information from customers.

Step 2: Schedule an appointment with the client to survey the situation. From there, it is possible to make reasonable transportation plans. Contracting.

Step 3: Through the information provided by the customer, LPM will plan the appropriate transportation. Back up a number of other options, in case bad situations happen.

Step 4: Provide detailed service quotes to customers.

Step 5: Perform service.

Step 6: Service acceptance with customers.

Step 7: Payment and settlement of contracts.

To put it simply, a safe is a safe locking device. This product is used for the purpose of protecting valuable objects and assets inside. Limit and prevent theft or damage caused by fire.

Besides, because of its large and massive size, moving the safe is very difficult and contains many risks. If you are not careful during transportation, it is possible to damage the furniture or even injure the carrier. Understanding the importance of this issue, LPM became one of the first units to provide safes delivery service. Ensure the most economical, fast and safe with all types of safes.

In order to ensure that all stages take place perfectly during the transportation process, we need to keep a few things in mind.

For the landlord

When there is a need to transport, move the safe. Customers need to clearly inform the staff about the size and weight of the safe LPM. In addition, you also need to provide the terrain characteristics where the safe needs to be transported. That helps LPM equipment can be arranged appropriately.

Before transporting, it is important to check the safe lock carefully. Avoid the case that the cabinet door opens, endangering everyone around.

You should also clear your belongings in the safe. Valuable items and assets such as: money, jewelry, important papers and documents, etc. This will help reduce the weight of the safe, assist the staff more easily while working. move. The next step is to limit the loss of belongings.

In addition, we also need to choose a suitable place to place the new cabinet: a dry place, with a solid foundation, avoiding moldy or termite locations.

For shipping service providers

Staff of LPM will avoid colliding with the password buttons of the safe, avoiding the system being affected during transportation.

Depends on the size and weight of the safe LPM will allocate human resources appropriately. We will not move the safe when there are not enough people to ensure the safety of our staff.

The safe will be covered by a thick cloth, limiting the case of scratches causing unsightly safes.

If your home is on a high altitude or if you use an elevator or stairs, you are stuck. LPM goods will be carried out using a forklift or a tricycle, etc., so as not to spend too much effort during the porting process.

Besides, LPM also provide Full house moving service High-quality Japanese standard helps you carry out all the transportation of furniture in the house, especially heavy and bulky items such as safes.

Shipping safes It is not a simple job that requires close and skillful coordination between human strength and machine equipment. LPM fully meet the above conditions, ensuring to bring customers the best experience. If you have a need to transport safes as well as other types of assets. Please contact us at hotline:

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