Vapor foam film

Currently, ensuring the integrity of goods when transporting is a matter of great concern. How can glass products, fragile items, electronic goods, etc. not be dented, bumped and keep their aesthetics when reaching customers? 

Vapor foam film is one of the preferred solutions used in these cases. With low cost, easy to use, air foam film has become an indispensable product when transporting goods safely.

1. What is air bubble film?

Vapor foam film is a transparent plastic film with many round stretch bubbles. Its main effect is to protect the goods from bumps during transportation. The smallest bubble diameter is 5mm, the largest can be up to 30mm.

Air bubble film is being used more and more popularly in the market with many different names such as wrapping paper, bubble foam, air bubble foam, exploding foam, air bubble bag, air bubble nylon, etc.

Vapor foam film

Vapor foam film

2. Uses of vapor barrier film

Bubble film is mainly used for packing goods and used in the transportation sector. 

With a structure of 2 parts, the base plastic layer and the air bubble layer. Helps it to withstand good forces, reduce shocks due to collisions and deflections during transportation. Avoid affecting the quality of products, ensure they are intact, aesthetic as the original. At the same time, it also supports to reduce scratches, shock absorption, damage, anti-static. 

With the advantage of low cost, ease of use, air foam film is gradually becoming indispensable in life and business.

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3. Classification of vapor barrier film 

Sort by bubble 5mm, 10mm, 25mm, 30mm

This is the type of classification according to the diameter of the air bubbles. The smallest diameter is 5mm and the largest can be up to 30mm. 

Some popular sizes are 5mm, 10mm, 25mm. This type is often used to pack and protect goods from impact during transportation.

Thick rolls, thin rolls

Based on the roll weight, evaluate the thickness or thinness of the wrapping paper. The standard conventional length is 100m. If they are the same size, the foam with the larger weight will be more expensive, the protection ability is also higher. 

  • Normal

Weight of standard size 1.4m x 100m foam is 7kg. This is also the most common type today.

  • Thick type

Has a standard weight of 1.5m x 100m is 10kg. This is a premium foam and offers better protection. Therefore, it is often used for expensive goods such as computers, phones, antique vases, high-class perfumes, etc.

Sort by specification 

  • Steam foam roll

Available in standard lengths of 100m with varying widths. This is the most popular type because the cost of the whole roll is always cheaper than the sheet, piece or bag of air foam.

Steam foam roll

  • Air foam bag

As the type commonly used in electronic companies, factories with great demand. Helps shorten packaging time.

  • Air foam sheet: Is a single piece of foam and is also the cheapest type.

Classification according to the number of layers of air bubbles on the surface

Classifying in this way we have 2-layer, 3-layer porous membrane, ... 

The most common type is 2 layers with a membrane side and a bubble side. 

3-layer membrane is a less common type, often used in thermal and electrical insulation technology. This type has both sides are air bubbles or both sides are membrane.

4. Instructions for using the foam film properly

With fragile goods such as glass, wine bottles, eggs, etc. You should wrap air bubble bags around the entire product from 3 to 5 layers. Care should be taken to seal the edges and separate them into small products and do not pack them together.

Electronic goods: use thick foam to wrap the product outside. Use adhesive tape to secure them and for safe transport you can pack them in carton box medium size.

Bottles containing liquids: Before bubble wrap, bottles must be covered with tape or food wrap. You should insert more foam, foam so that they do not move or bump during transportation. Make sure that no matter if the bottle is inverted or tilted, the solution will not leak out. For plastic bottles, you should wrap 2 layers, glass bottles should cover 5 layers.

Instructions for using the foam film properly

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5. Where to buy quality bubble film in Ho Chi Minh City?

LPM is a company specializing in the production of various types of air foam membranes with many different sizes and types. 

Some of the popular bubble film/roll sizes at LPM are:

  • 20cm x 100m.
  • 30cm x 100m.
  • 35cm x 100m.
  • 40cm x 100m.
  • 50cm x 100m.
  • 70cm x 100m.
  • 1m4 x 100m.

Each product made at LPM is thick, tough and soft, has been quality tested before being sold on the market, so you can use it with peace of mind. 

Especially LPM can produce the size of the film/roll of air foam according to your requirements. We are in charge of both production and distribution of products, so the price will be cheaper than the intermediaries in the market.

Immediately contact LPM via hotline - for advice on all kinds of products. vapor foam film quality.


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